Monday, December 22, 2008

The Hills...DAMN, I cried

Okay, I cried....whatelse can I say. I watch The Hills, and I have watched them all. I love the girls. Lauren and Heidi had a heartfelt talk. I dont know if it was staged or not, but hell it made me cry. And talk about Spencer calling off the wedding, WHAT! I dont know..seemed to "something". I am hoping Audrina and Bobby can get things going the right way. I hate the season is over but The City is sure to be entertaining!


kay* said...

don't worry - though i didn't cry i must admit to watching the show. (and loving tonight's premiere of 'the city'). i've actually met most of the girls and worked with them a bit and they are all really lovely.

Tamstyles said...

That is good news. They seem like really nice girls so to hear that will keep me watching. I have a past in the entertainment biz and there was nothing worse than to meet a celebrity that I liked and they turned out to be sour grapes. I watched the city tonight but will watch again. I like Whitney and I am hoping all works out okay for her.

Chelly said...

yay! So happy to see that there are fellow The Hills and now The City watchers who are not afraid to admit it. I loved the Hills and my husband hated every moment of me watching. Now I have the City in all it's staged glory and after 2 episiodes I'm hooked. Just came across your site via Brooklyn Limestone so I am going to kick off my shoes and look around. :)