Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My List for 2009 from the HEART

I am blessed and thankful that I made it in 2008. Here comes 2009, and my list of things to do.

1.) Save more MONEY
2.) Stop the road rage
3.) Complete my home decor dreams one room at a time
4.) Smile more
5.) Spend more individual time with my children
6.) Plan cooked meals more often
7.) Continue my purse ban
8.) Keep my haircut short
9.) Go on more dates and city walks with my Honey
10.) Follow my dream and help teenage girls
11.) Take a much needed out of state vacation
12.) Spend time getting crafty, and having fun blogging
13.) Make organizing my home a priority
14.) Stand behind my word, and rules set for my children
15.) Continue to keep negative people out of my life, be it friend or family member
16.) Expand my relationship with God
17.) Do more things with my sister
18.) Eat less candy and drink more water
19.) Continue Higher Education
20.) Do what I can to stay healthy and alive!

There was a little bit of everything on my list. I mean them all from my heart. Every year it seems like I fall short of my goals, but in 2009 I will have a reminder (this blog) that I can do it. I fell into blogging because of my love of wanting to create a space that I love just for me. I love my home, and I could have nothing in it but my family and still love it the same. But one day I got a spark and wanted to decorate, and go all out and finish. I was never one to finish a room, but was determined to. I can dress my a$$ off, and I know what to buy for my home..It just wasnt top of the list like bags. All of 2008 I was addicited to L.A.M.B. handbags! Seriously I was. Handbags became my days, noons, and dreams. I drove for miles just to get a bag I craved. Paid hundreds and hundreds of dollars on bags, shoes, and clothes that I dont feel the same for this day. Sunday I returned some L.A.M.B. shoes that I bought from Nordstrom in Sept for $208.00. I had never worn the shoes, but I "loved" them so much at the time. Now I dont miss the shoes, they are gone. They took up space for nothing. My sister said to me in March one day as we shopped "I'll be so glad when you get over your love for L.A.M.B."...Well her wish came true. I still love the line, but I wont let it consume me like it did. I have picked up the habit of decorating my home, but there is a difference, yes in deed there is.

But back to blogging...I love sharing my ideas, and what I am doing with the blog world. And those that do stop by and leave comments just dont know how much it means to me and the dedication I have for my blog. It's FREE and it never closes, WOW! I hope everyone finds what they are looking for, and feel good inside this new year. I ask that you all walk along with me on my journey right here on "GET IT GIRL STYLE".


erin@designcrisis said...

I love all your resolutions, and you're so ambitious! I think I just resolve to do more this year...

ps, LAMB stuff is pretty cute!

MIMILEE said...

Thanks, for stopping by and your comments......I am very blessed.

Happy New Year!

Jenny.Lee said...

Great list! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Sarah Danielle: Jeune Marie said...

What inspiring resolutions! Hope you achieve all of your goals in 2009! Happy new year!

bandelle said...

I wish you all the success in achieving all of your goals, Tam, and glad you have found so much happiness in blogging. It means so much to me when you comment as well :) Take care and have a great 2009!


Katie @ said...

My favorite thing that you just wrote is "I mean them from my heart". Go knock 'em down. What a great philosophy for the new year.

DecorPad said...

LOL! #2 Road Rage had me on the floor! I love this list!

Miss Journey said...

As we walk into 2010, I think this post is appropriate once again. I have to say I could personally work on 1, 2, 6, 10, 12, 13, 16, and 18. How did '09 go? Any revisions to the list for '10?