Saturday, December 20, 2008

A project indeed!

Okay, I was given this beautiful furniture when my Granny passed. I have no idea where to start. Before she died she going to get it redone. We went shopping for fabric and everything. That task alone was hard for me! I wish I could get on a show and pass this along to HGTV. Anyway....I grew up with this furniture and so did my Mother. My husbands first visit to me when I was 15 was on this very couch. Back then there was heavy plastic on it for protection. Me saying plastic lets you know its OLD! It has many memories, as my Grandfather bought it for my Granny. The pink chair was her "Queen" chair, and I keep her sweater in that chair now just for love sake. Any ideas would be helpful from all you wonderful decorators!


Cote de Texas said...

ok, here is what i would do if I suddenly owned this beautiful furniture!!!

First - I would paint the wood in a soft gray/whitish color. Then I would upholster it in a deep pink and white fabric, ala Fortuny style!!!

Then I would make slipcovers out a heavy Belgian plain white linen with tabs to hold it place and let the wood still show!

you would have two different looks.

Paint the walls light white/gray and put down seagrass!! Viola!!!

That's my opinion!!! haha!!!

Good luck with your wonderful project. And thank you for your kind comments!!!

pve design said...

that Joni has incredible style and I love what she said to do - Personally, I love that story of these heirloom pieces and that a part of you wants to give them up but is doing the right thing and looking to "update" them.. I love changing up the wood to a light color and choosing a hot color and then for summer having the option to slip-cover, I also love making the wood dark and then choosing a neutral, changing it up with pillows and floor accents.
I know what ever you decide, you must be the one to love it. Oh, and the plastic covers is so funny. :)