Sunday, December 28, 2008

A shelf, and something for the wall? What else now!

Yes I sent it packing. I wanted it for a while but they only had one in stock at Zgallerie. I could not bare to look at the wall with one, so bye bye! While I was there I picked up that pretty black tray with crystals for only $5.00. I also made my first trip to Ikea. I picked up the black frame, and its rather cute for the price. I have no picture in the frame at this moment, and cant decide what to do with it. I also picked up the shelf which I love. My Sweetie and I were in TJ Maxx today and I ran across a black velvet chair with silver studs. I wanted it soooo bad, but I let it stay. What should I do people? Leave it or go back and get it. Its my plan to change my chairs out anyway. Check out the pictures of my options, and the final outcome....

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