Friday, January 23, 2009

Mannequin Forms

I am so happy. I have placed my order and paid for my form. He is making it pinnable for me so that I can have even more fun with it. $62.00 is the going rate for the pinnable form with the black stand, or $52.00 unpinnable with black stand (all prices includes shipping). I did my homework and his prices are damn good. I am excited, and this will look so great in my office. Its all ME! Cick here to visit his ebay store.

Below are other options made available, plus a world of many others. The last one shows where he will sell you a form, plus you get 6 different color changes for your form.


That Girl Designs said...

Very fun blog you have! I love the color in your office. Greens are always a wonderful choice (in my opinion). Thanks for stopping by blog. Have a great weekend.

Kimberlee said...

How fabulous and so well priced - awesome find, thanks for sharing gorgeous! x