Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Small Things Count

Well here are the small things I was talking about in my blah post. It took me a while but I made this collage and I really love it. I had been wanting to do one for my daughter a long time ago and never did so this one is for me.

Now the other small things I put together were with the sample paint cards. I thought these would be useful in giving the boxes a more personal room color feel.

This picture is okay, but my Honey lacquered my light plate for me. Its soooo shiny and pretty. I love it.

Finally a piece of peace. I "turned on" my candle and I am sitting in here in the dark with a hint of light. I am so tired. My kids and I went shopping today and I hate to report but I had some pretty bad road rage going on and I said I was gonna get better, but todays group of no good drivers really pushed that button.


High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

Your new office looks beautiful. I love the color green so of course I totally approve of this room! The collage is beautiful, but my favorite part is using the paint cards as labels. Amazing! I had never thought of that before, but I love it!!!!

Anonymous said...

From one DIY gal to another....Fantastic job. I love the frame and the ideal of the collage. And look at you getting all organized. Now I'm inspired to get my butt in gear. All I have to do is pry myself away from this computer....and your blog