Sunday, February 22, 2009

Fabric Store Trip

I had an appointment to pick out fabric on Saturday, but got a call to reschedule because she had to go out of town. So I decided after my beauty shop day with daughter that we would go by there anyway just to look. I found a few samples that I liked, but nothing that made me click my heels like Drew's fabric below. DAMN expensive taste, I owe that to my Granny....thanks

I finally find what I want and its $438 per yard, NOT!
But the stripes was found for $6.99 per yard.

This is only a snap shot. Its HUGE in there. To much for me and an 11 years old who could care less about anything I was doing...

I cant deal with all of these choices. Good thing I don't need any of that trim.

This fabric was in the "special order book" and I liked it.

This caught my eye! I think because the colors remind me of Drew's sofa. The only thing is the fabric is $59.99 per yard. I get a 20-30% off fabric price since they are doing my work. So although its not what I wanted to spend on fabric I have to be happy.
This is the fabric hung up on the sofa. Are the stripes to much? Should I have them darken the wood? Or just leave it the way it is?
Here are all the samples I brought back. I really don't want florals and don't know why I picked out the black, red, and white sample.

Uhhh. Drew, call me!!!! We need to talk sister girl.


Mrs. Limestone said...

The stripes are too busy for me. But if you love it, go for it.

Tamstyles said...

Thanks for looking..looks like my Aunt in Atlanta doesnt like the stripes either. I am damned here.

pve design said...

I recently met Eddie Ross and what you posted is great, you may want to make the couch a neutral and add pillows with those fabs, so find a bargain fab that works and then use the ones you posted that are $$
and make some hot pillows! Love the stripes and the fabrics that you found.
I love that settee! Eddie said it is all about making it unique to you.