Thursday, February 26, 2009

My Butterfly, plus...

Here is the beautiful butterfly that I purchased at the Mardi Gras
Parade at the Bishop Arts Market. I love it. I wish I could
walk around with it like this myself.
My husband has advised me that he is taking on the decorating
in our movie room. The only part I have managed to
participate in is the these cute pillows. I bought them
at Homegoods, and love the color. The photo
does not show the true turquoise. I just love
the brown and turquoise mix.
These suitcases are my Honeys inspiration. He loves all things
old. I had to hurry up and get him out of the antique shop
because there is no telling what we would have
ended up with. These suitcases were his Mothers
and he loves them. Now I will say that he has
framed old albums of Rick James, Smokey Robinson,
The Isley Brothers, Janet Jackson (1st album), and the
list goes on. Now either the room will turn
out good, or it will be very bad! I will
keep you all posted.


avant garde said...

hi! thanks for stopping by my blog to check me out...great blog you have as well! i'll be checking back often..

Underfunded Heiress said...

Love the color of the pillow!

Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog :)

pve design said...

love the wall color and the vintage luggage. Can you imagine carrying that around. We have some and it sits on top of an amoir chest, and everyone always comments on it. I love mixing something old, new and blue.

Tamstyles said...

PVE...I think back and there were so many goodies that my granny wanted me to take and I didnt because I was young and didnt know what gems they would be...I am kicking myself in the behind..But I am glad I kept her formal living furniture.

Anonymous said...

Great Style & Lovely Blog!!

BeULuv said...

Too cute, I love the butterfly and the turquoise pillow with the brown. Am I missing the update post on the movie room? I'm really curious to see how that all worked out.