Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Spotlight: Sarah of Jeune Marie

Happy Thursday! Today in the Spotlight I have the oh so classically classy Sarah of Jeune Marie. She does a great job of making you feel like an old girlfriend who is just passing through daily to keep up with what she has going on. She is newly married, and has posted some of the most beautiful wedding photos I have ever seen. Like I said, Classic. But with a vintage swing. Her blog is one to watch because you just never know what goodies will be posted on any given day. Plus, she is from my home state so she gets major props. Enjoy!

1.) What are blog turnoffs for you? example, not enough pics, or to much useless copy/paste from other sites? For me a great blog needs photos. A large amount of dialog without any images makes for a boring read to me. Pictures, especially ones of the blogger themselves are what makes it personal... and it's fun to look into the lives of others!

2.) What made you start blogging, and what keeps you here? I started blogging to document the planning of my wedding and life as I see it through the eyes of a newlywed. What keeps me blogging is the happiness I feel when I write about a special day I had or fashion I am into. It's an amazing form of self expression and a great release.

3.) Is there anything that you would change about your blog or hope to add? I hope to add a weekly fashion post that show cases an outfit I have worn, also I hope to post more often and meet even more lovely friends through my blog.

4.) Out of all of your posts, which post is your favorite and why? I recently posted a series of wedding photos, those posts were absolutely my favorite. It felt so good to reconnect with the best day of my life and share it with other newlyweds.

5.) Who is your favorite tv home design personality and why? I really am in love with Thom Filicia of Dress My Nest on the style network. His rooms are based on the owners fashion sense and that incorporation is very interesting to me.

6.) If you could design and sell something what would it be, and where would you want it sold?
I would love to design one of a kind vintage style cocktail dresses that would be sold in Barney's and Bergdorf's in Manhattan. Ideally they would be worn by New York socialites and Southern girls alike, to debutante balls, charity events and even weddings.

7.) Favorites: color, personal item, household item, retail store, household store, blog, website?
Color: Pink. In any shade, pink always makes you happy and I love it's warmth.
Personal Item: My vintage mink stole my husband gifted to me. It's so luxurious, sexy and I love that it is vintage.
Household Item: I know many expect me to say my new yellow Kitchen Aid mixer... but honestly my favorite household item is a glass Tiffany pitcher that my parents received as a wedding gift.
Retail Store: My favorite retail store is By George here in Austin. A boutique that sells Lanvin ballet flats and Derek Lam ball gowns in the same space as Chie Mihara sandals and Citizens Of Humanity denim.
Household Store: This is a hard one so I am going to pick two! I love Crate & Barrel for modern furniture and accessories. For my eclectic taste I adore this "junk store" called Uncommon Objects in downtown Austin. I once found a tin waste basket from an old french powder room there and it inspired my entire guest bathroom.
Favorite Blog: I think Coco+Kelly is the most pleasant read for me because all of the images used are always so femme and pretty. That blog makes me so glad I am a girly-girl!
Favorite Website: Hands down... Forever 21's website! Whenever I need an inexpensive but trendy top or some bangle bracelets I'll order from them online.

8.) Where do you do most of your blogging? (room, work) I blog (admittedly) at work, but primarily all of my blogging takes place on the couch sitting next to my husband, coffee in hand!

9.) Favorite magazine, design book? My favorite magazine is Real Simple. I love the recipes and party ideas... the big pages and the feel of the paper they use. My favorite design book is Kelly Wearstler's Modern Glamor.

10.) Least favorite home decor style? I'm really open to any style that reflects the home owner. I love seeing a space and thinking "oh, this is SO her!". That is lovely to me.

11.) Is there a question, email, or comment from bloggers sent to you that made you say HUH?
Once someone asked me what kind of perfume I wore, I thought it was sweet that someone would want to know that about me and wanted my opinions on perfumes I liked... but it did surprise me!

12.) What is the one item in your home that you would never get rid of, and why? I would never get rid of our dark brown leather sofa. It was the first piece of furniture that Derek and I ever bought together and it just gets more charming with age... like a good pair of cowboy boots!

13.) If you could start all over with a new blog, what would your main topic be? Wow. I don't think I would start over if given the chance. I love my blog and hope only to improve it, not change it. If I have unlimited resources and skills I would reformat the blog and make it more "reader friendly".

14.) What blog/blogs is(are) your first stop daily? My first stop in this order is In(side) The Loop, La Dolce Vita, Elements Of Style, Newlywedism's By Bryn and Coco+Kelly.

15.) We see where you are now. What do you think you will be blogging about in 3 years?
In three years I hope to continue blogging about my everyday life as it comes along, my husband and my experiences as a wife... I hope for nothing but good things to come!

photos: all belong to Sarah


Sarah Danielle: Jeune Marie said...

Thanks again Tam - this was a lot of fun!! I featured you on my blog today as well!! :)

Sweet Nothings said...

Great interview! love sarah's blog! When I first stumbled across it in November, I immediately read it in its entirety(i dnt think that is spelled right at all)

Her inspiration boards are amazing!


Paloma {La Dolce Vita} said...

Great profile, Tam! You asked some very interesting questions. I love Sarah. She is such a sweetheart and I really enjoy her blog. I am honored to see that I am one of her daily reads. :)