Sunday, March 1, 2009


Jaw Dropping..had to share
The big "glob" is all the birds together breaking up.

Seriously...I was on my way home the other day on E, and I felt my car dying of thirst. I took the first exit I saw. As I stopped in traffic to approach the gas station, I was in aww of what I saw. BIRDS. Not just a bird, or a few. We are talking hundreds of those suckers. I had never seen anything like this before in my life. They had no where to go, they just wanted to fly and people watch. They sat in trees, on phone poles and lines, and the roofs of stores. Lets be glad I didn't have a fresh car wash!

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pve design said...

Oh my goodness, could Spring be far behind?
As a child I was named, "bird-legs" - yep, you got it, tall and long legs and I wore knee highs with "Tory" looking buckle patent shoes and shift dresses to further accentuate my plight. I love birds and have quite a collection from dear friends. (not real, just decorative)