Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Get It Girl (Amber Rose)

Ms. Amber Rose has not
been on the "big" scene long, but girlfriend
gets to be featured as a GET IT GIRL because
her style is SICK..She is from Philly
and is a biracial (black/white) 25
year old former (coughing) "dancer" and
video vixen. I like the fact that she takes
the attention away from Kanye..
Everyone now wants to know
Who's that girl?

They were shopping in L.A. here..
The bag, the shoes, even the pink
eye glasses are cute

Bad heels, the skirt the jacket, HOT

You have to know yourself to wear this

I have no words on this one..

You have to be confident to be with Kanye, and to
rock a bald blonde style. I think she has
started a trend. We will see girls cutting all
their off and going blonde because of this.
You go Amber Rose!


pve design said...

Wow, she is a beauty and I love her name.
They look very in love.

kay* said...

yeah, she definitely has style and can hold her own visually against kanye (cause you're right - you have to be a confident chic to date him!) but...i'm not sure how i feel about her. i mean, i don't know anything about her beyond her being a video vixen but...there's something that's off putting to me....i dunno. maybe that'll change as i read more about her

Kwana said...

She does have confidence. I love her smile too. And that she can hold her own with Kanye.

Underfunded Heiress said...

Whoa, she's fierce. She makes Kanye practically disappear.

Dallas Shaw said...

sidenote: i adore kanye, just made myself a little artwork inspired by him for my office...its on my blog!


K @ Blog Goggles said...

I think she's gorgeous.

However, I will never support belly shirts.

gigiofca said...

that's a get it girl.