Sunday, March 22, 2009

Get It Girl Spotlight: Patricia of PVE Design

This edition of Get It Girl Spotlight features Patricia of PVE Design. Let me just say that in the blog world, who does not know PVE? I am sure you have seen those initials around..She is like the person that you want to be your friend on the first day of school, and talk to as an adult because she is going to give you just what you need at the time. Seriously, I cant say anything BAD! I am sure you all have seen her beautiful art all over blogger headings, her kind comments on many blogs, and her ever popular blog is like morning coffee. She is blessed to have a wonderful talent which is art that you cant help but love. I hope you enjoy her interview, as it gives you just a little bit of an insight of what she thinks, just... outside the box I would say...Enjoy

1.) What are blog turnoffs for you? Blog Turnoffs for me would be lots of blinking advertisements or nasty language. I am not really one to look for turnoffs, I prefer to look for good. I guess if there are turn-off's.

2.) What made you start blogging, and what keeps you here? While searching, "All The Best" Blog came up and I was immediately in awe of blogs. I did not have a blog and it was thanks to Ronda at All the Best, and to Mrs.Blandings who inspired me and encouraged me to begin my blog. I really am so full of gratitude to each of them. They were honest and open with me. I remember asking if they felt like it was a monkey on their back! Thanks to my dear friend Kwana Writes for holding my hand to help me set up my blog. It is true, people think to be a blogger, you need to blog 24- 7.

3.) Is there anything that you would change about your blog or hope to add? Actually yes - I am in the process of changing my blog to coordinate back to my site. I love my site, it is clean and easy to navigate. I love blogger, but I just want a more "personalized" look for my blog. I feel that the templates offered are limited. Get ready for a brand new look, in a few weeks! I am so excited!

Patricia surprised me with this! Isnt it beautifully done

4.) Out of all of your posts, which post is your favorite and why? My favorite post? Each post is like a child. I would never be able to select just one! Each one holds a very special meaning. I guess my first post, well it was memorable and I was so nervous.

5.) Who is your favorite home design personality and why? My favorite home design, I do love that Eddie Ross, he is so cute.

6.) If you could design and sell something what would it be, and where would you want it sold? Design and sell - an illustrated book for all ages on the importance of play. Sold in bookstores and specialty stores and on-line.

7.) Favorites: color, personal item, household item, retail store, household store, blog, website? Color green, Personal item, ooh, that is a toughie. Household item, Cleaning product that I love are the Meyers products. Retail store, I love small shops, Mom and Pop shops. Fave blog, woo, there are so many that I love. I hate to name just one!

8.) Where do you do most of your blogging? I blog from my home, where I work. We have a computer banquette with a row of computers. My kids homework is pretty much all done on -line and they are my biggest helpers. They are light-years beyond me and call me a "Newbie"-

9.) Favorite magazine, design book? Favorite Magazine, oh I would have to say, I fall in and out of love with magazines... I prefer books, old books.

10.) What inspires your creativity? Life inspires me. I feel life in my work and know that it comes from living, from losing, from letting go and from feeling life in my work. Feeling the soul of the work, I think any artist can understand it or any person, be it a baker, a baby nurse, a teacher....! One has to feel the life.

11.) Is there a question, email, or comment from sent to you that made you say HUH? Yes, not to long ago. My mission for my blog is to design, to create, and to inspire an artful life. Many people e-mail and tell me how I have inspired them to re-think their career! I love that, how cool is that - to live life with intention - to make room for play, to love what you do.

Patricia with Eddie Ross

13.) If you could start all over with a new blog, what would your main topic be? If I could start over with a new blog, a blog called "In Love" I think I would dedicate it to my parents, they have been married for 60 years and I am in awe. There is so much to tell, to inspire and to teach other couples. I would want it to inspire other couples, all ages. In this day and age, love is easily disposed. I value my Love! We all deserve to be in LOVE!

12.) What is the one item in your home that you would never get rid of, and why? The one item in my home that I would never give up is my view, my fire-place, my dog, my family. Oh that is more than one.

14.) What blog/blogs is(are) your first stop daily? Blogs I love, oh, so many, I adore so many. I try to visit many. See my list, I love All the Best, Mrs. Blandings, Easy and Elegant, My Notting Hill, Kwana Writes, Urban Grace,Simply Seleta.... so many that I love.

15.) We see where you are now. What do you think you will be blogging about in 3 years? 3 years from now, my sons will hopefully be in College, my youngest in middle school and my studio addition will be all completed. I hope to grow, to inspire, to build my body of work, to connect, to join a cause for children, to be given the right to play and do art. I would like to have some sponsors, perhaps a book, and to connect with other people who want to design, to create and to live an artful life. For each of us, it is so important to live an artful life, no matter where you live or what truly inspires you!



Kwana said...

Wonderful interview on dear Patricia. Love her answers and I'm honored to be on her list!

Tamstyles I wanted to give you a comment here on your comment on my daughter's dance in case you don't get to look back. Don't worry about your dd skipping a year. Let her find her passion. I'm sure you'll cheer her on in whatever she does. My daughter had a time where she got bored with ballet so she switched to a modern school that that has classes in both. Of course as a teen we've has the years where she wants to give it up but I know part of her loves it so I've convinced her to stick with it. Who knows what next year will bring. As parents we just do our best with what we've got. It's all good:)

That Girl Designs said...

Great interview.

High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

Great interview. I love Patricia! So sweet.

I love the sketch she made for you. It's perfect. I hope you put it up your office.

Sweet Nothings said...

wonderful interview!!

i LOVE LOVE LOVE the picture she drew of you!!

Joi said...

She seems so nice! And that sketch of you, how sweet and how fabulous?!?

Stephany said...

that pic of you is amazing!!! how exciting!