Thursday, March 12, 2009

I have HOPE

I am home sick today, but this post has just
given me a boost of feel good. People
I have been really stressing myself over
the fabric choice I need to make to redo my
grannys furniture. Everyday I am online searching
and searching. My aunt in Atlanta called me
last night to tell me she is looking and found something
and will send me the samples. But my heart is telling me
that since I cant get the Drew Barrymore fabric, to
go with an all over one color fabric choice. I wanted one color initially
until I saw that Domino issue of her, so its time to go back
to reality right? Right...Jen of Madebygirl has given
me such a boost. I have gotten such great advice from
so many bloggers and I thank you all! I feel I am one step closer to picking
the right fabric that will make me happy and granny proud. is Jen's Before


Doesn't it look great..

I was thinking I really would rather just use the sofa and not all pieces
or maybe two of the pieces?

I think the sofa has so much detail, and a clean solid would work best, yes?

I think all the pieces is just alot, and will limit me. I have seen so so many great chairs and would like to mix it up a bit.

So what do yall think?

1.) Redo all pieces?

2.) Just redo the sofa?

3.) Just redo two pieces?

Check out Jen's post here

Check out these sites: Chairloom, The Vintage Laundress


janelle said...

I am jealous - I'm looking for a similar style sofa now. I think you should definitely redo the sofa, the lines are great. As for the chairs, perhaps redo one and use it in a different space than the sofa so it's not too much. Good luck and please share pictures when you're done with your project.

K @ Blog Goggles said...

You have such great pieces! I vote to redo them all in the same fabric. Or all of them in solid fabrics, but each a slightly different shade (like dark blue, medium blue, and light blue). Either way, I bet they'll look gorgeous.

Can't wait to see them!

avant garde said...

love the couch in white. classically beautiful. you could always change out throws, pillows as to the season etc. to constantly have the couch appear fresh. maybe re-do one more chair but in a different space. so the same styles are not everywhere. fun to have these pieces, lucky you! :) ps. feel better!

pve design said...

Re-do the sofa and then let your hubby pick which chair is most comfy for him? I like them all. I love the solid, any color looks great, but a neutral will last, be the most timeless. Take a look over at blogger GrannySmithGreen, she posted today on this incredible room....perhaps a little inspiration.

Freckles Chick said...

I love an eclectic furniture grouping where nothing's too matchy-matchy, so I vote for just redoing the gorgeous sofa in a solid luxe fabric that has durability. Go for it, girl!

Jennifer Ramos said...

I think I'm not that fond of all the detail in the wood on the back part. I would try to redo the entire back part to just be may be cheaper to do it that way...and YES i'd go with a solid color. You can always mix & match cushions....and change them out to suit your decor.

Jen Ramos

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