Monday, March 30, 2009

Living etc Magazine

Will someone please tell me where have I been? I am said that domino is gone and need a fix..Well bygollygeorge, I think Living etc will do it. No, I don't like the cost, but it makes me feel so much better when I flip the pages. The pictures are yummy...just yummy. I went to get the latest issue and was told they only get 3 in!!!!! What are you kidding me guy? If anyone has anything to add regarding me finding these mags without a problem, please holla at cha girl please! Now if only domino would have reached out to us before closing, maybe we could have said..."Hey, we will pay $8.00 for an issue to save it"...but nooooooo..let me hush before I start to rant...and rant.


Laquita said...

This does loolk similar to Domino lol@$8 ... I've also awarded your blog with an arts award - check out my blog for details ;o)

anonymously chic said...

livingetc. is a great magazine and their website is well organized and easy to navigate. b/c it's european based, it's quite expensive so i don't even try getting a hard copy:(

Sweet Nothings said...

I was actually going to post about this later this week, to see if US people think its aworthy investment..I mean, I dont even think I can find it at barnes and noble??

what are you thoughts? should i splurge..i'm going through withdrawl. my boyfriend had to pry the old dominos out of my hand last night and say youve read them all alraedy..i'm like i know, but i mightve missed something!!