Thursday, March 26, 2009

Old School Swag

There he is...all over the dang rug. Before I know it there will be Blue Bell, Doritos, and anything else he eats while watching a movie in there. But so far so good after I talked and talked.

My Honey is redoing this room. I have given him "permission" with limited supervision, but so far yall know its Mama (me) that's getting and moving things around. He went to Half Price books and bought some old albums and wants them hung for all to see. As you can see this is the rug that I bought a few weeks ago (original post here). I dont know if its going to stay. The kids love it which means it might need to go. Its so soft and "slidy" which has my son all over it. I love the idea of the turquoise as an accent color. It looks very good with the brown. We plan on painting this room, but just not sure what yet. In the end I think this will be another fabulous room.


Underfunded Heiress said...

Ooooh, my favorite is turquoise and brown.

Sassy Scribbles said...

'love all your posts! keep it up!

pve design said...

Since you already have a green room, this room would be fab in a coral color with the turk. I know what ever color you choose will be fab!
Love the old school albums.