Monday, March 2, 2009

When a girl loves her shoes (2)

These are another pair of my loves. They are checkerboard L.A.M.B. heels. When I feel like being edgy, and rocker chic these are the shoes to rock! I am still on my L.A.M.B. ban so I can only shop in my own closet which is really just fine with me...for now at least (wink).


elodee said...

Okay..yeah..I need your help like I need those shoes! The link I went to, the one where you got your's not working template, couldn't get it. I'm veeeery sad and aggravated! Help me! Help me please!

*Walks away sadly*

*runs back to your closet and steals the Lamb shoes*

elodee said...

I came back..just to look at the shoes. I need rehab, will you take me?

I even got a tattoo on my my shoes would feel special! lol

pve design said...

"Check" it out, love your shoes. What size, if you do not mind me asking. I wear a 10. You can be my personal shoe shopper!

Sweet Nothings said...


DecorPad said...

Love, love Gwen and shoes! Ugh!