Monday, April 13, 2009

Final Answer?

Ok all...I think this weekend I will be making my way afar to advise what fabric I will be going with. This has beennnnnn hard. I still have doubts, but should just hush myself up. I think the natural linen will look great on the sofa. I am not big on big bold colors so I wanted something that would flow with the rest of the house...Now my husband on the other hand likes...
THIS (see below)
He loves anything old school, and this screams that to him. I thought about this color in the velvet, but I thought the color would look out of wack with the rest of the house. We plan on painting the house a nice soft brown color, and the room where the sofa will be will be the same color as well. I thought about painting that room something special, but I dont want my house to look like a box of crayons so its a NO go. With that being said, the furniture and accessories will make the statement in the room. Now it was also recommended that I have the tuffs removed. I thought about it, but I have not made up my mind yet..Should I have the removed and just have the sofa more clean lined to go with the "clean linen"?

Here is what I am working with so far?
I think after all this is said and done it will be giveaway time for yall putting up with my many posts over this furniture!



meach61 said...

I think you should save a back panel and frame the fabric or make a pillow.

Tamstyles said...

what a great idea. i think i will do that..the HISTORY ON THAT husband and I started sitting on that together the first time we met face to face..and boy did we have some times there (lol)....