Tuesday, April 7, 2009

What was your focus?

I was thinking the other day about when we first bought our home. What I wanted to do first, etc. Can you recall what you wanted to do first when you moved into your home (home meaning..the place you love and actually want to beautify)? My room was the master. I was 24 when we bought our house, and really I had no clue..I mean no clue. I passed up sooo much good stuff that my grandmother wanted me to have. But I thought it was all OLD, and I didn't want OLD stuff for my NEW house..BIG MISTAKE...Now I am looking on craigslist for OLD stuff from strangers..But we did purchase our first REAL bed, and I wanted to get nightstands...that's all I could focus on were nightstands. So what was your focus?


Kim.Gos said...

Comfortable and affordable livingroom seating!

We have moved up from our Futon to an Ikea couch and chair, however I really want something diffrent in the future.

Love your Blog!!

Mrs. 5C said...

I SWORE that I was going to paint the shutters and trim on the very first warm day we had. That was the only part of the house that I thought was ugly when we first moved in. Four months later, I've still got ugly blue shutters, but the inside of the house is getting prettier! ;)

Emily said...

Our house was in such need of TLC when we bought it - I remember long lists of things that we needed to focus on! I LOVE craigslist - I've found so many great things on it!

Naki said...

Thanks for visiting! Your blog is awesome.