Thursday, May 7, 2009


These houses are BEAUTIFUL to me. They are not in my neighborhood or even close by, but are dear to my heart because of where they are. These houses are a handful of historic houses that are left in the South Side where I went to High School school. Literally its like night and day driving down Dr. Martin Luther King Blvd and seeing these beautiful houses to the left, and then looking to the right and seeing houses falling apart due to poverty, drugs, and crime. These houses tell a story. They were once the homes of the elite back in the day, and its nice to see that they are still standing. Some even have indoor pools, elevators, and guest houses. If only these walls could talk, what story would they tell?


Sarah Danielle: Jeune Marie said...

I too share a passion for old homes and I am sad to learn that these gorgeous spaces are not being preserved the way they should. Hopefully someone will come along and invest in the neighborhood and bring back their charm.

On a lighter note - got my pencils and they look SUPER CUTE in my Lucite holder from Crate & Barrel!!

Jennifer said...

gorgeous! they just don't build 'em like that anymore, do they?

down and out chic said...

it's strange that a space can tell a story almost as well as person. these homes are lovely.

Sarah Style said...

Tam Styles!

I love old homes too! If i could i'd have one and keep the interior very chic but simple and add a piece of lucite or two! Change up the history with a bit of modern but just a bit. Where are they? Can you tell me what state? City?

xo and have a great wend!

Kim.Gos said...

Wow!! those are some beautiful homes! I would love to have a home like that right off the street. Georgeous!