Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Hubby Picks Favs

We were out shopping and stopped by Pottery Barn. He calls out my name for me to glance over at what he has found...And actually pretty good choices. He thought the following pieces would like nice in the room with the "new" sofa. I really love the spotlight and always have. Good look Babe! We didnt leave with anything..except the jar glasses on the chest (below) and an hour glass for my office.


Laquita said...

Yeah he has great taste. I could only dream of my husband calling me over to look at something he found - the only times he calls me in a store is to ask am I ready - and most of the time we have just stepped into the store :o)

BTW: Just feel free to send me any and all questions concerning your daughter's hair - iluv23277@hotmail.com. I'll be glad to help.

The Townhouselady said...

Dang Hubby! Want to come shopping with me? You have some serious style chops. Nice.

avant garde said...

loving that spotlight light too! pottery barn is always a catelog i love getting in the mail to drool over. seems like they have come down a bit on some of their products price wise? great finds!