Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What Makes Me Happy Today- Six Things

(Snow in Texas makes me sooo happy)

1.) My Husband sent me a text today saying "Hey pretty, how is your day going?"..after that I was beaming.

2.) The unconditional love of my children.

3.) Chewy lemon heads candy, Dr. Pepper, Corner Bakery Lemon Bars, and Nature Valley granola bars.

4.) Naps in my car when I dont go to Homegoods.

5.) My laptop working (THANK YOU GOD)

6.) My blog, and wonderful readers!

I was tagged by Triufelis!
I tag ALL my readers! I would love to know what makes you all happy "today".


Lynett said...

Aw, your husband it sweet!

Being that it's Wednesday and only two days till Friday- that makes me happy today!

fab_E said...

1. Left-overs for lunch

2. It's hump day

3. It's pay day

4. Mi familia is visiting

5. The smell of my hair..i washed it last night and it just smells marvelous

6. That God gave me life!

and im a sucker for those kinda texts too!

Triufelis said...

Great to read your answers!

Andrea said...

1) Laughing & chatting with a good friend.

2)Spending time w/ my mother.

3)I did laundry today & the smell is heavenly! mmmmmmm.... LOVE THE SMELL OF FRESH LAUNDRY!!

4)Walking barefoot through my flower garden.

5)Reading a good book.

6)When my sweetie whispers sweet nothings in my ear.

Sarah Danielle: Jeune Marie said...

Your hubby is the cutest!! What a doll!