Friday, June 12, 2009

"Hey me out"

Montanna over at Grupie Luv reached out to "GET IT GIRL STYLE" asking for help with her clutter filled office. This space is in need of organization, fresh paint, seating, and overall glam rock star style! So of course I didn't turn her down. We shall see where this project goes, and if she can once and for all come up for air. The space has great bones, and I would love to see it look eclectic..but we shall see. She has her sights on something more hip.

Stay Tuned!


Adrienne S. said...

Tam, with your help, Montanna has this transformation in the bag. Keep us posted!

Montanna Mitchem said...

wow Tamstyles, I never thought you would end up sharing my video with your readers. I know my space was a challenge for you (clutter, clutter, clutter) but thanks for the inspiration board you created. I look forward to fab look you put together! I will be sure to update u on how everything turns out.

Stephany said...

You got an award! Check out my blog. xoxo