Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Paint Again, uhhhhhhhhhhhh

Here is the view from my desk in my office. I think some bloggers thought the room where the sofa is was green..Only one green room, my office. Alot needs to be done. The lighting and paint!

And this is the view from the formal living to my office.

Here are paint samples. I went to Home Depot as I Twittered I would and bought those cute little samples for $2.97 (Glidden) and Behr has samples for $3.97. The greys are glidden and the browns are feelings are so hurt. I don't like the darker brick looking color..the greys are OUT and the light brown I like..really I do..just afraid its to similar to the sofa.Whatever color we go with, it will be painted in the formal and through out the rest of the main parts of the house.

I love neutrals. Its the only choice.
This is what I was left with. Paint, samples cards, and So Chic by Elle and still nothing. I recall the headache of picking a color for the office and uhhh I hate going through not knowing what to get.


Lynett said...

You're sofa is so goregous. I would go with a darker brown, to off set the sofa. Maybe something like a light coffee color.

Tami said...

My .02 which has actually gone up since I'm back working with clients again. LOL So, I'll call it my .05! LOL

Since you prefer neutrals consider a texturized wallpaper or one that is mostly one color with a hint of another or consider grass wallpaper. Both look amazing if you choose the right one.

Together We Save said...

Decisions, Decisions.

Jennifer said...

grays are really hard. I like Coventry Gray by Ben Moore.

Meya said...

i bet your inside house is so beautiful! you got talent =]]

Anonymous said...

It looks like you used a semi-gloss paint in your office. I would recommend a matte finish for your living room.

Mrs. Limestone said...

picking paint colors is one of the most difficult decisions in decorating. Everyone says 'oh, its no big deal - you can always repaint'. Well maybe other people can repaint but I dont have that kind of time.

Anywho - I feel your pain.

Are you painting the area under the chair rail something dark? Maybe do something striking there and then have the top part be something very neutral and easy.

karla said...

deciding on paint colors is the worst... i just re-did my room and choosing the color took me like 3 days.

also- really love the idea of using different sized photo frames to decorate my rather bland walls. thanks for the inspiration!

Yet said...

you GET IT GIRL! You really have some style!!