Sunday, June 7, 2009

Tam's Weekend of Savings

My Saturday was pretty normal with a trip to the mallie mall. I was on a savings kick..Sharing a piece of my trip.
This candle is THE BEST CANDLE EVER! Anthropologie was having a sale and it was $9.99. The scent is Moroccan Mint Tea. Light, FRESH, MINTY.
My Godson was his first trip to the mall! And he went with his Nana! Of course I got great stuff for him at Baby Gap with 25% off all sale items.

I looove FRESHWATER CUCUMBER at Bath and Body Works. However they discontinued it. Every store was OUT of it. But this mall had I bought ALL of what they had! 14 bottles and only $2.42 each.

I also decided to do something good for the earth. These bulbs were on clearance at Target for $3.68. They are suppose to last for YEARS so we shall see. The DAYLIGHT colored bulb is the best! It gives off this wonderful fresh light!

$4.50 for this mani set!!!!!!!! Bath and Body

$2.50 for this huge pack of cleaning wipes. The scent is Rosemary Mint..If you see these, buy them. The scent is so fresh and clean. Something about the hint of mint.


The Townhouselady said...

Girl, I know what you mean about the Freshwater Cucumber!! I got two lotions at the after XMas sale and when I found out the discontinued it I kicked myself for not getting more.

Major score!!

Tamstyles said...

Indeed! I searched high and love for a replacement for freshwater cucumber and nothing. I went outside of Bath and Body and still nothing..Went back to Bath and Body and they tried to force some other ish on my that I didnt like..but I bought it anyway..I am happy now to say the least. This fragrance just makes me feel fresher when I spray it on after a shower. I even have the oils for my house!

Lynett said...

I bought the same candle on Friday! I love it (and I love the price!)

Holly said...

love all your finds!!

Anonymous said...

I love freshwater Cucumber! I am trying to find some.

snazzykc said...

We use the daylight bulbs in our outdoor house one would dare walk up to our house's too bright!

Kiki said...

I bought the light bulbs from Target, also. But recently I've had to replace them. Sadly, they didn't last for "years". Not sure if it was me or them. How are yours holding up?