Monday, July 13, 2009

Here is the A of the Q...

Well here are my answers to the questions. Thank you guys for helping me out with this post!
1.) I think you've mentioned your profession before but my brain's so fried from work myself...would you kindly refresh my memory? What do you love/hate about it? Also, do you and the Husband have a "your song"? You know, one that brings back a flood of memories? Well I work in the world of finance for a major corporation. I have a calculator attached to my hand. There is a lot of pressure with my job..but I love my work space and make it feel like home with pictures, frames, and things I love, and I hate that I cant wear sweats when I want to. Sometimes I just want to wake up and wear sweats to work. Regarding my hubby and I...he loved this 90's group called H-Town. My husband can sing so he would always sing H-Town songs to me...and when we would go on dates he would play their music...I would buy him their tapes/CD's before he got a chance. So the songs would be...

Knockin Boots, Emotions, and Part time lover.

2.) We know that you are fabulous blogger by night as well as super night owl but what is your day job? see above day job seems to be staying up..I am always soooo sleepy. My sleep pattern is really off.

3.) What's your background? your hair has such a lovely natural curl and i'm just curious? fyi - usually when i ask this question of african-americans in the US they say somewhere in the south - so i'm wondering if that's the case or if they are from outside of the US?
Well same runs true here. I am from the South. My Grandmothers side of the family is a mixture. Her Grandfather was white, and my Grandfathers side actually does have Indian. Both of Grandparents (talking about on my moms side, don't know much about my dads side but his hair is the opposite of mine...LOL)had pretty soft curly hair. My Grandfather was bald in the middle, but his sides and back was grey and finger rubbing soft. I miss them both. Click here to see a bit what I mean..

4.)What song describes your life? WOW there are so many. Mary J (Life), Aaliyah (One in a million) and Betty Wright (No Pain No Gain)

5.) What was your first kiss like? It was just what I had always dreamed it to be. On a dark stairway called the kissing hall.

6.) Favorite must have in your purse?
CANDY! Lipglass, and Dr. Pepper

7.) Favorite holiday & why?
Christmas. I love making my kids happy on that day. And its a celebration of Jesus' birthday of course.

8.) What's your guilty pleasure?
SWEETS! That's my problem many. Lemon Bars from Corner Bakery just make me nuts!

9.) What's your favorite ice cream? Lemon Custard

10) What is your fav clothing store/boutique?
Right now its J Crew..but it changes.

11.) I know that you have a little sister,but do you have any other sibs?
I have a younger step brother.

12.) Have you read any good books lately(and)what genre do you prefer?
I use to "read" books, but when I got in the magazine biz it switched and I haven't been back. I buy home decor books now. But magazines are a weekly buy for me.

13.) What is your fav dessert?
Banana Pudding or Peach Cobbler

14.) What is your fav libation Cosmos,Lemon Drops...?
I haven't had a drink in years. But it use to be Patron...

15.)What do you do for fun(besides shopping for/decorating your home),browse art galleries,go dancing..?
I really am rather boring to the average person. But my family, home, magazines and laptop really make me happy.

16.) What is your favorite dish & what do you LOVE to cook?
I love to cook, but when I cook I never eat. CRAZY huh? My lasagna is the bomb...but my family loves a good soul food meal of beef roast, sweet potatoes, corn bread, buttermilk pie and collard greens. My Granny taught me how to cook. She was the best.

17.) If you could change your profession(on a whim)to anything that you want,what would you change it to? I would go into publishing. I want to write a book for women, or a book on love based on my marriage because we get asked for so much advice.

18.) Whats your goal for you blog? I just want to entertain as many people as I can. I know I have so much to offer. I have somewhat limited myself due to my blogs recurring subject matter, but all is good. I hope to remove the blogspot one day and take more "ownership".

19.) What inspired you to do this blog?
Because I wanted to post what I wanted, and say what I wanted without the rules of a forum and its mods.

20.) What state do you live in?
The big ole state down south YALL!

If you didnt leave a question and wanted to..I am sure I will do this again one day..
**Commenter Andrea, do you have a blog yourself. I notice you leave really nice comments..thanks**


Product Junkie Diva said...

Thanks for sharing! I too need and want to take more ownership of my blog. I am so ready to get rid of the


Andrea said...

Hi Tam!
It's so easy to leave comments on your blog because it's so fresh,inspiring,funny & sentimental. I LOVE African-American blogs(and some others too). Of course your blog is for everyone,but I love OUR perspective(often-times)on love,life,family,the world(and how we fit into it).... There are many that I browse,but very few(I can count on one hand--LOL!)that I love & leave comments on.
You seem very genuine,spontaneous & somewhat quirky(like myself~smile!) Are you an Aries??!??--LOL!
No,I am not a blogger. I am a R.N. who works in critical care.I am African-American,30 y/o,happily married(no children).
*I laughed when I read the hair question(no offense)b/c I ALWAYS get that!!--LOL! And my response is: Lot's of us(A.A.'s) have curly hair. Nothing special.It's just hair{with a warm smile of course}.
Andrea--G.I.G.S. 'junkie'

kay* said...

thanks for answering the question - it was cool to read the other answers as well

being black myself i totally get the hair questions so i hope you didn't think i was being ignorant. i know that our hair comes in many textures, colours, and types. i was mainly just curious.