Sunday, July 19, 2009

Shady World

Peep my new shades...I have wanted these YSL shades for a year now and they were waiting for me here. They even had an additional 30% off so I got a mad bargain. You cant tell from this pic but the sides are clear and read YVES SAINT LAURENT and the middle is clear. I like them because they are edgy and kinda go along with my hair. So now I can do classic and edgy...Thanks Solstice.

NEXT UP these gloves...I saw them at Tha Hotness and almost feel back! I have wanted them for a while now, and could never find them. Patricia Fields (Sex and the City) has a funky line..Where was I?


gigiofca said...

Hawt glasses! And love the gloves.

Alluring Interiors said...

K, girL...You are rOcKin' dem shades something fierce! I almost feel back when I seen dem gloves...I need a pair, real bAD!

tee said...

I love the black gloves. I would wear those lol Love the blog.

Follow me please =]

Flor Larios Art said...

Love your shades!
I enjoyed your blog very the to do list and this is me
I need to drink more water
cook more meals
more time w/my ssister
NO ROAD RAGE here in Miami is hard
Smile more
and More needs, less wants.


love your shades...very sharp. they go with your hair cut too

My @ tha Hotness said...

The glasses are HOTT!!! We just spent way too much money on Sunglasses on Friday. We got a steal on 4 pair. I will share this week.

Anonymous said...

Those gloves are it. Makes me excited for winter... almost.

God's Favorite Shoes! said...

omg! I just blogged about wearing gloves after I peeped Janet Jackson's ensemble at her brother's funeral! Now I know where to get them! Thanks!

Eclecticldy said...

great shades...been trying to get my hands on some Chanel shades for a bit now. Seeing yours made me consider looking at other brands.

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