Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Fall Style

I just told my Mr. Styles my fall style is going to be SICK! So I decided to grab some inspiration photos. What I love most about fall is the ability to mix textures and fabrics. Wools, tweeds, suede's, leathers...and soft cottons of course. I like starting with a key piece, and building as I go along. The items below are all J Crew, and they do a wonderful job of mixing as I stated above. Velvet jackets in navy, Tweet jackets in burnt oranges, Suede boots, short and tall, Cardigans cinched with skinny belts, and I cant forget my love for hats...I cant wait. What are your favorites for fall?

I found these two great necklaces @ F21. A great way to add some gold, and pearls all in one. I will wear this with a short sleeve top, and colored blazer.

Love the texture of this!

***And a special thanks to those that follow and read my blog. I think of yall daily, and appreciate the support in comments, and emails that I receive. Thanks again...and look for more greatness in the upcoming weeks ***


pve design said...

Fall is my favorite season. Have you seen the shoes for this fall? I think I am starting from the bottom up!
I have my eyes on a lovely grey pair from Calvin.

Kwana said...

Mr. Styles had better watch out! I've got to start getting ready. I love fall but haven't thought about it yet. I love your picks.

Joyce said...

I just posted an award for you on my blog;

Yet said...

I just LOVE fall fashion! There's so much possibility without blazing heat or freaking cold. Nice. And your layout that you posted...amazing! And can I please add that I love that polka dot jacket you have-on on the sidebar?? Beautiful. Do it big ma'am. hehe

gigiofca said...

I love that 2nd F21 necklace w/the feather.

LizzieBeth said...

Velvet jackets are like cocaine to me. I love them because you can pair them with jeans and wear it open for a casual-who-gives-a-crap but polished look, or wear it with some sexy black pants or pencil skirt and some killer heels for dinner with the Mister.

I have three different colors: teal, navy and a burgandy-ish purple.


Beth said...

Fall?? Really?? Could it already be just about here?


Love the trends- and love that jewelry!

Daba said...

Cashmere scarves and wraps(with brooches),fur trim,velvet jackets,ponchos with leggings and stiletto booties!

Daba said...

Can someone tell me what f21 is? I have to have that gold and pearl necklace!!!