Saturday, August 15, 2009

My Favorite ISH: Tami

(Check out Tami's notes below)

  • My Noguchi coffee table which I agonized over whether to purchase or not for over a year.

  • A vintage gold starburst mirror which I picked up for $50 from many years ago. I used to go so much that they would just let me take things home and try them out before I paid for them to make sure they worked in my house.

  • My picture next to it from the Dominican Republic. I love it not only because it is bright, happy, and makes me smile. But because it is where part of my family is from.

  • The other works of art are my first art purchases from almost 20 years ago when I graduated college.

  • The bowl under the two pictures was my great grandparents 50th wedding anniversary gift to each other...a Caribbean thing (they were from Jamaica and Antigua).

  • The Mid-century table that the bowl sits on I picked up on Craigslist for free!

  • My beautiful silk pillows I purchased from Off Fifth.

  • And finally my lovely '50s midcentury couch. When I am on freecycle posting items, occasionally I'll post to see if anyone has any vintage items. Most times I get responses that I am not interested in but this particular time I got a response from a woman who said come on by. Her mother just passed and she had some nice items. It just happened her mother was over 90 and got the sofa reupholstered but rarely sat on it...go figure. I was shocked and excited! I said immediately...I'll take it! So all in all my living room has a lot of significant ISH for me. Every time I sit in there I smile.

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