Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sunday Thrift Store Find

Well after I didn't sleep so good on Sunday from the extra bed mate. I woke up and decided to head to a thrift store. I had been looking all over the web for a cane chair, but the shipping has just been to much. And look what I found for $16.99 at the thrift store. It still had the tags attached that it came form JC Penny. Not sure what I am going to do with this chair, but don't you love a great find with some potential?
Stay tuned.


spanky* said...


(New reader)

I was wondering (weird question), do you know who made that chair? (is there a label on the bottom?)

it SLIGHTLY resembles a chair that my grandfather designed in the 50's (he was a pretty famous furniture designer named Paul McCobb)

Also, i wanted to comment on your Christian Louboutin shoes in your banner. Uh-mazing...

i fell in luv with these... http://www.fashionkitten.com/images/louboutin1.jpg

I just wrote a fun little post about shoes recently on my blog www.SpankyLuvsIt.blogspot.com

i'd LUV to hear what you think!


Holly said...

so much easy potential there!!

My @ tha Hotness said...

Girl I am jealous. I have been on a quest to find a chair exactly like this.

Anonymous said...

Tam you have such a great eye! Can't wait to see what you are going to do with this chair!!

Lynett said...

What an amazing find! I think the ONLY thing you need to do is reupsholster the seat! It's fabulous!

Tami said...

You know I love the thrift stores!

Anonymous said...

Wow! With some white paint that seat would really pop! What a great find! My local thrift store never has anything like that.

spanky* - Seriously? Paul McCobb is your grandfather?? I just inherited two fabulous slipper chairs that I am almost positive were designed by Paul McCobb.

- Danielle

Daba said...

I love to go thrifting & you hit the jackpot!!

L.Duncan said...

I know exactly what you can do with it! Send it to Atlanta with my address stamped on it!! yeah I'm JEALOUS