Thursday, October 1, 2009

Roll em, and clip em

Check out these two cuties I found at Homegoods. I dont know how the di was missed by other shoppers, and I went to lunch super super late. They had two...and yes I thought of a giveaway but its soooo heavy. Postage would have been more than the $14.99 price tag for sure. But have I got some giveaways in store for yall...I am to tickled.

Di: $14.99

Huge Clip: $6.99


Blush said...

I have to stay out of Homegoods. They always have such great stuff. I might have to choose between eating and buying glass dice. Eat, dice, eat, dice.

I could always lose a few pounds :)


~ Kelly Ann ♥ said...

Lovely- How I wish we had a Homegoods here in AL

~ Kelly Ann ~


Anonymous said...

I need to go into Homegoods rehab because I go in and lose control!
It's that bad--LOL!

Daba said...

Where willl you put them?

Anonymous said...