Monday, December 28, 2009

EBay Hotness

This faux bamboo piece below was won by for $9.99—Of course there is a shipping charge, but still anything under $150.00 is really a great price. I LOVE FAUX BAMBOO and would paint this a nice neutral color. Nothing loud like the last piece, as I might put it in my bedroom. Don't know yet, but I think its a great piece. Below are some other favorites of mine for the same seller.









Ashley Pizarro said...

9.99?!?! Dang...someone got lucky with that beautiful piece.

Bubu said...

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Bubu said...

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micah @ the yellow front door said...

Those are some awesome pieces of furniture! And great prices!

Tamstyles said...

OK...I am mad. The total was $159 with shipping. The seller is trying to get me for shipping which pissed me off so I sent them an email for a quote on a dresser the "same" as mine. I was quoted a total of $130---why would I pay an extra $30 for no reason. NOT. So it shows the boost prices on shipping when they can. Although I love piece, I am not a damn fool. I cant stand trying to be taken advantage of. WRONG CHICK!

my favorite and my best said...

its awesome!!

Mrs. Chic said...

I was wondering how much they wanted to charge you for shipping. I hate when Ebay has super low prices, then crazy high shipping charges

Ms Smart said...

bargain on the price baby

cool on you

I'm interested to see what you do with him?!?!?!

Joi said...

Those are great, T!

Demi 1974 said...

Those are really nice pieces. I am buying a house this year and need to think about ways to furnish it for less money.
Great blog.

Champagne Taste said...

Girl... When I saw your post I flew over and bid on like three items... Won all three a dresser and something else the total was like 240 something... these fools quote me a price for shipping that was like 300.00 I was like Hell naw... i'll hitup UPS because I damn sure am not spending that much on shipping so they go back n forth about how they have the best prices blah blah blah but u wont get over on me... CANCEL IT Binding contract my ass! They tried it! Didn't work lls