Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Build A Room

This dress is HOT. Kate Hudson Rocked it from head to toe at the SAG awards. A room built around this dress would be gorgeous.







Black Orchid said...

I agree! Its the definition of simply chic. I can see it now, all white duvets and a splash of blinged out accessories. love it!

NikStar said...

I love the dress! Kate Hudson is always stunning and beautiful.

Montanna Mitchem said...

I luv Kates style and i also heart her as an actress, what do you expect with a mom like Goldie..

Brooke said...

Kate has a "Style of her own" Oh if I didn't have these umm -luv knots- or baby fat leftovers, I would wear somen' to that effect.

Moni @ CL Journal said...

Kate killed it in that dress! I thought it was THE best dress I saw that night!

You know A.B.S. made a copy as soon as the awards were over!

jmae3 said...

So my girlfriend over at www.kenziepoo.com does a weekly spot called turn this outfit into a room! Seeing as you love both fashion and decor you should try it! She does it w baby clothes...but you saying this outfit needed a room about it made me think you should do this w adult stuff! Go check hers out to see what I mean!