Thursday, January 7, 2010

Never Knew

Do you find it interesting when you find out that your family has a few gems? My Aunt introduced these to me a while back on our visit and I was so thrilled to know these existed. She told me they have been in the family as far back as my great great great grandmother. They are so delicate. They have been kept in MY BABY CLOTH DIAPERS. I was shocked that my Granny wrapped them in those, and they still have them.

Below are a few of the pieces I snapped.

We had dinner on this set. She wanted to make sure we all had a chance to eat from these, along with the family antique silverware as well.232323232fp53237_nu=

I love my Aunts White simple sofa. I have been begging for her desk. I always ramble through it on every visit which isn't often for cool pictures.232323232fp53242_nu=

I will never forget this set. I have seen it my whole life.232323232fp5323__nu=


I loved these items the most I think. The colors were breath taking. I wish I had my Nikon back then. The white and gold sets are so thin. For the first time I was educated on how to even read these items. I had no clue.232323232fp53246_nu=

You can see how old the diapers are below…


I can envision my family using these, and receiving these so long ago.

Have you ran across some family treasures?


Liz said...

I too, just found out about china my grandmother is keeping--I guess I'm supposed to get it and can't wait! Your stuff is beautiful!

I have a question about the pictures that show up in your posts (I've been reading for awhile, but rarely comment--love your blog!). You seem to have sketches of what I assume are real pictures--where do you get them? For example, the picture over your aunt's simple sofa--I assume that is a family member? How did you get that picture? Also the drawing in your office of you--where did you get that made? These are the kinds of picutures I"m talking about--I think they're really neat and would like to look into getting some made.

Thanks in advance!

Sa-Sea Boutique said...

love them!!!! my mom is actually having me over this weekend ot pick thru her silver collection! i am SOOOO excited!!!!!!!!!!!! i want a tray SOOOO badly! And I lucked out by marrying with the last name "S" because that was her maiden name and so I get all of her mom's goodies that were engraved! MY SISTER MADE A BAD CHOICE IN MARRYING A "G" LAST NAME. :)
SUCKER!!! :)

Tamstyles said...

hey liz...the sketch of me in my office was done by PVE. She is a talented artist/blogger. She surprised me with the fab work. The piece in my aunts house was something she had done of my cousin. i am not sure where or who as we are not in the same state. good luck with getting something done. its really more easy these days and not as much as some may think....(i think)

SA-Sea..please post what you pick. I would love to see. COngrats to you. I tell you i had no clue i would be so happy about things as such. by they were my grannys and they have big history so they mean a lot.

Erika @ BluLabel Bungalow said...

I have my grandparents' wedding china and my grandmother's anniversary ring. My husband presented it to me as my wedding band. It means the world to me.

Urban Chic Mag said...

The blue tea set is beautiful. I need to devote a day to venture out to different thrift and consignemnt stores to find some of these hidden treasures you're always finding!

Urban Chic Mag said...
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Sena said...

cute objects =)


Liz said...
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Diva Style said...

LOVE that white couch!

Kara said...

Since my mom passed away this Christmas everything we find has been a treasure and a great story. It's been a great way to reconnect with my brother and sister. I look forward to telling the stories behind certain things to my nieces and nephews.