Monday, February 22, 2010

In The Stores Part Two

My daughters room is wrecking my brain. Is it black or white…I bought her this picture and love it. The frame is black, but did I want black in that room of clean and light?

tt1 tt4

Love this glass….just reminds me of something. Anthro would have these for like $10tt5

I went back for these and only one was left and the shade was kicked all in. How RUDE! tt3

Help me!tt8

Ok..these have me on the fence.tt7

Love this soft pink as an option. Turquoise, pink, and black maybe? I didn’t have a cart..I came to scope out the joint.



Have you seen these goodies?




Melanie's Randomness said...

I love the first two paintings!! Drawn fashion models are my favorite! Where did you get them?? They are soo cool!!

The lamps are pretty too!!

Michelle (Three Men and a Lady) said...

Those lamps have me swooning!

Chic Modern Vintage said...

The prints and lamps you've chosen are great, but exactly, what look and feel are you going for, in your daughter's room? I think that when you have more than 4 colors going on in one room it can get a little busy, unless you've chosen one main color and the others as accents. My tip, unless you already to this: Keep photos of the room and the things you already have for that room with you. I do that and it helps a lot.

LoveMeMore said...

Love all the paintings and the silver lamp w/blue shade.

Jessica said...

This looks like TJMaxx or Marshall's which both I am BIG fans of!

Here's my advice:
Def B&W and choose one color to accent really well. My bedroom is B&W and Pink and it looks so uniform, elegant, and fabulous.

As for the pieces..loving the lamp with the holes, BOTH those drawings are fab and would look great hanging side by side above the headboard and that corkboard is to DIE for!!! Get it before someone else snatches it!

(or maybe by cork and do a DIY stencil...but with fancy chandeliers that's the key I think!)

Good luck! I love decor!

Adrianna said...

Those lamps are hot!! And I love the corkboard. I haven't seen any like that.

misshollyrose said...

Those pictures were fabulous and so was that lamp!!

Champagne Taste said...

Okay you know I'm mad at you now right? They didn't have THAT picture when I got mine.... UUUUGGGGHHHH LOL

Debra said...

Is it possible to take the prints to a photo shop and have them copied in a color? i have done some in sepia like this.

Diva Style said...

Diva, STOP acting like you can't make that art for your daughter's room WORK, okay?!?!? Love the lamps with the white bases!

Kwana said...

You have such a good eye. I don't know what to pick.

Brooke said...

like the mirror, love the first painting! and the blue shade silver lamp is cuTe!
find the lamps at another location...or order online?