Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Q and A Time…at your leisure

I signed up with formspring. Should you feel the need to ask anything, go ahead. Make my day! I love Q and A’s and the door is open.



Champagne Taste said...

I keep seeing that on my twitter feeds and I was like ummm okay... Randomness! So ppl ask you the questions and you answer. OOOOOO lol

Kindle Marie said...

Ok, so I found your blog yesterday, i love it! I am biting pic sizes, because my header is all kinds of jacked up! Honey if our kids met in the park and your kids said, "that's why your mama copies my mama's style!", all my son could do is hang his head in shame and walk away (as i comfort him saying it's ok

LOVE LOVE LOVE YOUR site!! You have a gorgeous family and your Nik is to die for! I am jealous there I said it!

Thank you so much for the inspiration Tam, and stay blessed chic!

Brooke said...

@CT I see this on Twit as well. I just keep it moving. For Tam I have one question RET now. When are you coming to the ATL and hang out!
Maybe we AtAliens can do "StarBucks" or somen'

@Kindle Marie, yes this is a nice blog.

Champagne Taste said...

Yesssssssss hahahahahaha keep it moving!!! Her blog is fly THE TRUTH!!!! Love love love love Tam!!!!! I wann come too!! I'm from ATL always try to find an excuse to go back home!!!!! Well have to set up a meet n greet I'm new to the blog world so wish I was at the conf that everyone talkeed about last week.
Bloooowwwwnnnnn lol there's always next year :)

pve design said...

My question would be, what advice would you give to other gals who are looking to be bold and brave and add some get it girl style? Where would you start first?