Tuesday, August 3, 2010

GIVEAWAY- Bling for your office

Before getting to the good stuff. Did anyone watch the bachelorette last night?  I was so wanting Chris to get his woman, but I knew it would not happen. She was forcing those kisses on him. Plus she really loves Roberto and see like she has since day one. For everyone that watches these series, the Bachelor Pad is going to be a good HOT MESS! I cant wait!

A special thanks to

Sorting With Style

for sponsoring this cute giveaway.  They offer great desk office supplies for the chic office space. Items to win are:

1.) A Mirrored Mirror Small Journal + Pen

2.) A Mirrored Paperclip Holder

3.) A Mirrored Mirror, with pouch

All just for one lucky winner.

Sorting with style has a variety of binders, journals, cork boards, pins for the board..You name it, and they have the office supplies that you need.


Picture 4


Heart Eraser


To enter:

You must be a FOLLOWER. That's a cool thing!

For added entries: you can tweet the giveaway, post it on you blog, or Facebook it. Each option would count as one entry. Remember to leave a comment for each entry.

ENDS: AUGUST 10, 2010 (my birthday)




God's Favorite Shoes! said...

This would perfect my desk in my new classroom!


God's Favorite Shoes! said...

Sorr...Would be perfect:)

Kwana said...

What a fun giveaway I'm in and yes I watched the hot mess bachelorette last night. Was hoping Frank would jet ski in for added effect.

other-option said...

Love that lucite rolodex!
- Danielle
other-option AT hotmail DOT com

Laila said...

Nice! I tweeted the giveaway(@OnlyLaila) and I'm a follower!

Kimberly said...

Another GREAT giveaway...my husband is making me a office in the rec room/basement, this would surely take away from the drabness. I'm putting a link on my FB page:

Kimberly Martin-Williams.

Sing said...

Very glam offices pieces, I'm a follower.


LizzieBeth said...

Ooooo. I like shiney things. A LOT.

Happy early brithday ;)


Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

Cute giveaway! Thanks dear!

Erika at BluLabel Bungalow said...

My space could use a little ice! Thanks for the chance to win!

Mikimu said...

Fun...I'm in! I don't tweet or FB, but if I did I would definitely shout you out girl...LOL!

Hershley's Sweet Kiss said...

PlZZ enter me!! that office supplies is super cute! love it!

hey i posted this giveaway on my blog with a link!

my email is hoge06@yahoo.com

my blog:


Terra D said...

Sweet, I'm a follower, no twitter account :(

Christina said...

How pretty! :) Great giveaway!

Christina <3

"Haute Girl" said...

My brother's B-day is the 10th too.
I am the 6th, pretty cool. BTW did
u get the MK watch?

Davina916 said...

I'm a follower of your blog. Great giveaway!

Loclove said...

Great giveaway! Im a follower! :)

liz @ bon temps beignet said...

I follow and love the lipstick pen

Really Petite said...

Oooooo LOVE this! Please enter me! I am defintely a follower!

alison (semi-fab lane) said...

those are cute, very bling-a-licous

Teri said...

Super cute!!! I am a follower:)


Anonymous said...

Hey Tam:) I have my fingers crossed on this one, luv luv luvs its:)

Glamgyrl said...

Ooh la-la...I likes!! Oh an I see you're a Leo. My sister's birthday is today, my dad's is Friday and my best friend's is next Friday. I love your blog by the way. I've told my mom and 2 of my aunts about it.

Katie Ngo said...

ohhh nice bling!
They are sooo generous. :)



kristina said...

thats a cool lipstick pen

Anonymous said...

Great Giveaway, Thanks for the chance.

Karena said...

Wow this is too good!!! I love your Giveaway!

I have a new Giveaway on my site also!

Art by Karena

Karena said...

Oh and yes of course I am a follower!

Art by Karena

Mikimu said...

***I am a follower (forgot to state that on my initial post)***

Hamptontoes said...

I love the lucite business card holder...it's fabulous!

ElaineMicheline said...

I love the giveaways....Happy Early Birthday!! Leos are awesome!!

Anny said...

Happy Birthday! I've been following for a while :)

1x1000 said...

I could so use this in my office at work. FAB!!! Hope this counts as an entry as I don't facebook, tweet or have a blog page! :(

Thanks Tam!

Chic$tylez Personal Shopping said...