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I had a chance to interview the ladies behind Toronto Based Line SMYTHE. Name sound familiar? It should. Christie is the sister of interior designer Tommy Smythe. (Yep. The one I heart) Christie Smythe and her business partner Andrea Lenczner have a line of jackets that are edgy and yet sophisticated. When you see women in their jackets, you take a second look. Hell I know I do when browsing the magazines. Their designs are detailed, and tailored in everyway. Even a traditional jacket has that edge that you want, when your wanting your look to stand out from the rest. But what else do I love about these women???

smy14(this quote)

“We’re both working mothers, so we have our social lives, our work lives, we love to travel, and we have our home lives with our kids,” says Andrea. “We try to design a jacket or coat for all those different scenarios and moods — every collection feels like someone’s closet.”

Smythe Designer Photo 10

Two beauties with a great talent for design. GET IT GIRLS!


Here are my favorites 

 smy2 smy4smy1 smy5 


Why jackets?

We wanted to do one thing and do it well. Six years ago, item jackets weren't available in the market. If you wanted something to wear with your jeans and top then you had to wear a suit blazer. There were no other options.

One word to describe SMYTHE

What was your original vision and goal?

To make a jacket that actually fit like those you saw in photographs or on a mannequin (that didn't have the stylists clips in the back pulling the jacket into its perfect shape). To put nostalgic, menswear fabrics into modern, feminine silhouettes. To create jackets that would be worn season after season.

What makes SMYTHE different from the rest?

Tailoring! Our fit and our choice of fabrics and notions makes the brand immediately recognizable. Quality is important too. We import European fabrics and are proud to manufacture here in Canada.

What would a SMYTHE girl look like?


What do you hope to be doing 10 years from now with the line?

Top secret!

What advice would you offer women with the same hopes and dreams?

Sometimes its not a good idea to over-think a concept and you just have to take a leap of faith and see if you can make a product that you are proud of and that others want to buy. Take a responsible risk.

Was there a plan B?

Not at all.

One wish for Smythe?

Continued relevance.

smy8 smy9  smy11 smy12

Fun Questions

First major splurge purchase?
- Calvin Klein Camel Hair Coat  circa early 90's
Andrea - Prada Bowling Bag circa's mid 90's

What would those close to you say is your favorite personal item to wear?

Christie - Gold Necklace with St. Christopher Pendant
Andrea - My Husbands watch

What's one thing you put in every handbag?

Christie - Tart Cheek Stain and chapstick
Andrea – Three different pairs of glasses....I need options

Silver or Gold?

Christie - Gold
Andrea - Stainless steel or platinum!

Flats or Heels?

Andrea - Heels if anyone is watching
Christie - heels (Andrea: she's fibbing, she always wears flats)

Gloss or Lipstick?

Andrea - Gloss.
Christie - Red Lipstick

Coffee or Tea?

Both - Lots and lots of coffee

Cake or Pie?

Andrea - Cake 100%
Christie - Pie

PC or MAC?

Both - PC at the office, Mac at home

Books or Magazines?

The embarrassing choice

Colored Nails or Naturally Beautiful?

Andrea - nude color on nails. no color.
Christie - nude nails and colored toes

Early Riser, or Late Riser?

Andrea - Early.
Christie - Late

Apartment or House?

Both - House

SUV/Truck or Cute Car?

Andrea - Small blond. Big car.
Christie - small brunette. small car.

Favorite TV shows?


Favorite Blogs?

Yours of course.

Favorite Real Housewives series?

Both - don't watch it.

Favorite City to visit?

Both: Favorite city to visit together is New York by default.

Andrea: Paris
Christie: Berlin


After all that, wouldn’t you want to war Smythe?

Thanks ladies!

For more information on Smythe. Click here.

For information on where to buy Smythe. Click here.





fshnonmymind said...

If I could be a Smythe girl, I most certainly would be happy. I love, love, love their designs. They do indeed make a simple, tailored jacket and add such wonderful, interesting details.
One of these days I will have a Smythe jacket in my closet, in the meantime, I have to save up my pennies for one of those bad boys. :)

Kiran said...

Great interview! You have fun questions...love it!


Wallpaper said...

I love these girls and I love that they are Canadian, gotta support my fellow canucks!!

Rockdabells said...

I want every last one of those jackets!!! Im definitely a new fan!

Rockdabells said...
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DrDrama said...

Gorgeous jackets. Love all those fun little feminine details!

Champagne Taste said...

I'm in FREAKING LOVE!!! I need a new jacket for the fal where I can I find them? My Card is ready!

Anonymous said...

The jackets are amazing! I need about $1500 so I can buy all of the jackets I want!

All things House and Beautiful said...

Thanks for leaving a lovely comment on my blog.....I am so glad you stopped by as now I have discovered the fabulous Get it Girl Style! Loving the Smythe girl jackets...I'm off to Net a Porter to check out the collection.....

Jen of Made By Girl said...
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Jen of Made By Girl said...

the stuff is great, especially the jackets, but darn...it's PRICEY!

Raims said...

I'm in love & I MUST make a couple of those bad boys mine!

Phuong said...

amazing items!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful coats and jackets - thanks for the introduction to a great new label. I love your questions!

Stylishly yours,

Kay* said...

i'm familiar with this label (one of their homes was also featured in an issue of style at home...or was it canadian house and home...) their designs are really great and i'm kinda in love with that lace top near the bottom....soooooo fabulous! great job with the interview!

gigiofca said...

Great piece! I simply adore the camel peacoat. SO cute.

THEBYBLE said...

GOD! thid is very nice!

The cream (beige) jacket is awesome

I love it!!!

Sa-Sea Boutique said...


City Style said...

Those jackets! Amazing.

Brooke said...

Luvz them all. the tan one is d'bizness!
Great interview