Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Little Help

For those of you that comment on GIGS, and even those that don't. I need your help just a little. PRETTY PLEASE WITH CHERRIES ON TOP.

I posted a survey a while back, and yall were gracious enough to participate, and I thank you. This time around, I am asking what blogs are you reading often? If you could leave a comment advising of your top blog reads  I would appreciate it.


This is not a violation of privacy or anything. No social networking agreement to sign here in case a GIGS movie is written or something, and this post ends up in it. (key laughs..maybe)





I have also added BLOG LOVIN if any of you use that service.

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**Thanks for the feedback. The overall reason for this post was to piggyback off of my survey to get a general idea of a GIGS reader. Who they are, and what they read. There will be a new design, and with that new design…hopefully better content**


Thanks again!




Andrea said...

My top blogs are (in no particular order):

Little Green Notebook
Made by Girl
Design Sponge
Erica B DIY Style ( I WILL learn to sew one day :-)

Tia Brumbelow said...

Ahh! There are so many, but I promise just five =)

Made by girl
The Unexperts
Get it girl Style
Aubrey + Lindsay's Blog
Belle Maison

Brown Birdy said...

Simply Grove -Design
A Merry Mishap -Design/fashion/food
Kenziepoo -Kids
Love Maegan -Mostly fasion some des
Pure Mod Life -All things eco/green
Annnd of course GIGS...literally I religiously visit 6 blogs daily. Others come and go-these have been constant forever!

Brown Birdy said...

This is Jmae btw-I guess I'm signed in under my blog I never post to ;)

legsnshoes said...

I love doin this. All of these're blogspot:

agnesetien for her impeccable sense of style. Not an oz. of English but her love of shoes transcends language.

culturecynic great sense of style with a DIY approach

style-on-sea Another UK girlie with great style and similar frame as me.

jeneennicole She has a dope photographer following her and her dope fits around the world

imfashionstoned She's dope.

TamStyles said...

glad you ladies are helping with your favs! thanks so much...keep them coming ladies!

Prigruss said...

Meet My Ugly Baby
Brick City Love
The shoe girl's blog
Little Green Notebook
Opal Never Shouts

But really, there are more. I have a huge list and its hard to pick a top 5.

Coy Fallacy said...

God's Favorite Shoes
....Love Maegan

All things.. said...

There are so many great ones...but I always head straight for these in my google reader:

Made by Girl
Knight Moves
Katie Armour
This is Glamorous
The Sartorialist
and of course GIGS

TamStyles said...

i have learned so much already from the readers that have commented...yall are the best! keep them coming...thanks again for your time! i wish i could toast with you all!

Justa said...

I have a folder in Firefox of just Blog

Maillardville Manor
Young House Love
Moth Design
Making It Lovely
Made By Girl

Aimee said...

in no particular order:
Delight by Design
Bazaar of Serendipity
Full House
Design Dazzle
Caitlin Creer Interiors
Urban Grace Blog

Margaret said...

Of course your blog
Little Green Notebook (decor)
Centsational Girl (decor)
6th Street Design School (decor)
House of Turquoise (decor)
design*sponge (decor)
High-Heeled Foot in the Door (decor)
Nesting Place (decor)
Heir to Blair (mommy blog)
M loves M (fashion)
What I wore (fashion)

Seriously I have a blog addiciton, I have over 100 in Google Reader, some work related, decor, fashion, some mommy blogs.....seriously an addiction

alison (semi-fab lane) said...

belle maison
young house love
the way we are
made by girl
three men & a lady
couture & crayons
i could go on, but that would be
too much!

Jane said...
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Kiran said...

With Pleasure...

Life Style:
Life Branded Blog
Mrs. Lilien

Chic Chocolate
The Life Styled Blog
00o00 (For Men)

Interior Design:
BluLabel Bungalow
Habitually Chic
Full House
LaBoheme Blog
Knight Moves


Your Best SisterFriend said...

The only blog I check Daily is GIGS and my own (
I like the blogs that include fashion, home interior and women empowerement...

liz @ bon temps beignet said...

Isabella & Max Rooms
Bower Power
Centsational Girl
High Heel Foot
In the Fun Lane
Knock off wood

Jane said...



legsnshoes said...

I have to add GIGS to my list. and I love this blog because well, ya got taste with endless ideas that I can apply to my personal style.

Sheryl said...

In no particular order:

Get It Girl Style
Young House Love
Made by Girl
House of Turquoise
Studio Ten 25
Making it Pretty

Shop Gal said...

My favorite blogs (outside of GIGS), read on a regular basis, in no particular order are as follows:

Bazaar of Serendipity
i suwannee
Aesthetic Oiseau
Life in the Fun Lane
Three Men and a Lady
Centsational Girl
The Decorista
Decor Demon
Eddie Ross
So Haute

Sorry if I went over the limit, but I read all of these faithfully each week!

Catherine said...

Making it lovely
Life in the fun lane
Tied with a bouw
Little Green Notebook
Centsational Girl
The Long Thread
Angry Chicken

Glamgyrl said...

I'm not sure if my comments before posted but my favorites are of course, G.I.G.S and in no particular order for the following
Blulabel Bungalow
Home to Three Duncan Boys

Jazzynickel said...

WOW Tam, I read so many blogs it's hard to choose just a few! But for you, I will... I assume you're looking for blogs that have some sort of Style/Design element like yours so I'll narrow it to down to these 5:(In no particular order)

#1. Your blog of course! I really do read it daily
#2. Madebygirl.blogspot (Interior)
#3. (Interior)
#4. (style)
#5. (Interior/Style)

These are sure to be my new dailys:
~Musings of a Louisville slugger

MY PREFERENCE: BOTH style and Interior design. I know that's not the answer you want to hear but people read different blogs for different reasons. If you're asking because you're wondering about your own blog I can only speak for myself when i say that I love your blog BECAUSE you blog about both Personal Style and Interior design. (Not everyone can do that) ~If you're leaning towards one or the other I say choose that which you blog about most naturally.

Ok, I know you didn't ask for all that but I hope my comment helps out anyway. :-/

P.S. I LOOOOOVE Bloglovin! It is the reason I became obessed with blogs. I mean seriously I read so many blogs it's a surprise I even find time to author my own. (I'm already writing down names of those the other ladies recommended - Do they have a support group for this?!) ;)


Jen of Made By Girl said...

oooh those of you who listed Made By Girl, thanks so much!! :)

Ones I find myself reading now: (they change all the time):
(no particular order)

Emily A. Clark
Centsational Girl
desire to inspire
Get it Girl Style
Sketch 42
Decor 8
Brooklyn Limestone
Isabella and Maxx Rooms
Thirteen and south
in the fun lane
knight moves

Anonymous said...

Cupcakes and Cashmere
Two Ellie
Get It Girl Style
The Glam Lamb
My Favorite and My Best
Brunch at Saks

Sing said...

First I prefer fashion blogs, I get more inspiration from them. But I do love my design/decor blogs as well.

So here 10 of my favorites from both categories:
Where Did You Get That
Karla's Closet
Moptop Maven
Budget Chic
The Glamourai
Soul Pretty
What I Wore
Elements of Style
Design Sponge
Advant Garde Design


Genuine Elegance
World Next Door
In Honor of Design
The life styled blog
Make under my life

Interior Design:
Blu label bungalow
Three men and a lady

Emerson made
Everything Fabulous
Garance dore

I prefer a mixture. So lifestyle would be right for me!

Toya said...

I read several home fashion to cooking...Get it Girls Style of course and the follwoing,

BeautyFash~The Curvy Chonicles
Curves to Kill
Curly + Nerdy
Love Brown Suga
Young fat and fabulous
Judy's Kitchen
Cornia Nielsen
Plain Chicken
Bake at 350
Just a Girl
Young House Love

just to name a few, hope this helps.