Monday, November 29, 2010

My Holiday Wish List 2010



The above are a few of the items that are on my wish list. I have ordered the books, and have two. Just waiting on one. The others are really wishes, and hopes.

I love the look of this IPAD case. I have yet to case my IPAD because I want the perfect one that makes me happy. No basic black for this girl. I want something that says, GET IT GIRL! The GAP trousers to me are simple, but the cropped leg gives it that extra something and allows for a great shoe. I have wanted a deer head for a while, and I think the one Z Gallerie has is the perfect size. On the art. I love the turquoise of the Miami piece, but the love of the Dallas one. I have watched those sheets, and watched those sheets. Something about a grey stripe on a bed says style. I am a HUGE fan of Jay Z for many reasons. I bore you guys with the details. But I will say that the epilogue is great with mentions of Oprah. She gave his book away as a favorite thing the other day, and mentioned that she was closed minded when it came to hip hop which a lot of people are. This book offers great  insight from one of the best. Who doesn’t like some Khloe, Kourtney, and Kim? I am ready to see exactly what this book is all about. The ELLEMENTS of Personal Style is by far one of my favorite books of the year. There is insight into the home of 25 celebrities. Of my favorite are Tracee Ellis Ross, Dita Von Teese, and Fatima Robinson. The reader gets to view photos of their home, and personal style items. It’s a must have for any woman that loves décor, and fashion. Seriously. I hope to work on a giveaway for this book. I love it so.

The crossed fingers are just that. I cross my fingers, pray, and think…all things great for me, and my dreams of living and doing what I love. Life is short. Enjoy it.



1.) Rebecca Minkoff IPAD case

2.) GAP trousers

3.) Z Gallerie Deer Head

4.) Z Gallerie Art

5.) West Elm Striped Sheet Set

6.) Jay Z’s Decoded (Book)

7.) Kardashian Konfidential (Book)

8.) The Ellements of Person Style (Book)

9.) Fingers crossed on great things to come for Tamara Styles


High Fives & Hugs,

Tamara Styles


Sing said...

I really want to read that Elements of Style, sounds right up my alley.

avant garde said...

whoa, just clicked onto you fab blog and realized you made a wish list this morning too. i suppose it's the season getting the best of us. i love these picks! happy monday!

Brown Birdy said...

These are some great wants! I too want a great grey stripe sheet for my bed! And that deer head is fab!

Lorrie said...

Fabulous wants. As a SAHM with a limited budget I got so excited about the sheets. I got some at Ross recently that are checkered gray for my master bed... feel like I got a little GIGS on my very tight budget. In typical boy youngest for some odd reason got up in my bed (unauthorized)...with a choclolate bar (very unauthorized) and relaxed to watch a show (another unauthorized thing) now my fab sheets have chocolate on the edge. I'm switching that part to my hubby's side! He don't care about cute sheets!

Hope you get yours!

Jazzynickel said...


Great List! See, now I'm gonna have to buy that Jay-Z book for my Hubbs. Hopefully I can keep my hands off of it until he reads it first. ;)
Not sure why but I find those Kardashian girls fun to watch (maybe because they 'keep it real' to the point where it's just funny?)
I need me a good style book - Personal Style is what I've been after for a while now. Not quite there yet, maybe this book would help.

Made me a Wish List too (on Polyvore) It's scheduled to be up on the blog at 2pm today. Mine is nowhere near as practical as yours... guess that's why mine really is a WISH list. WISH I knew someone w/ enough money to buy me all of it! ;)

Joi said...

Great wish list, T!

Pink Stilettos said...

Great wish list! I want Decoded also and I'm sure there are very great things in store for you {I don't think you have to cross your fingers :)}! I hope that you get everything on the list xoxo

Pink Stilettos

Tiffany said...

I LOVE numbers 1 & 2!! Thanks for sharing with us!!


Toyin O. said...

Great list, thanks for sharing.