Monday, December 20, 2010

A Dish Is Not A Dish

I have slowly become a lover of all things dish. Not as the holder of food, but rather the holder of jewelry. Long gone are the days of heavy cherry wood jewelry boxes taking over a dresser or nightstand. But just a simple dish, with a hint of cuteness to hold your precious jewels that are used daily. Making small changes like this, are ways to evolve from the old to the new while saving space. Of course I recommend having something in addition to this for all of your other fabulous pieces. But I would suggest storing it in a closet, or other space for the overall clean look.

How do you store your rotating pieces?


Where the above items are hiding found.

1. Gilt Groupe

2. Etsy

3. Urban Outfitters

4. Gilt Groupe

5. Anthropologie

6. Nova 68

7. Etsy


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Champagne Taste said...

Girl me too! I thought I was the only one! I find the best dishes at the thrift stores... and they sit on my nightstands to hold my ring, broaches, lip gloss lol LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM!!

fshnonmymind said...

I have a dish for my rings and some bracelets and some of my jewelry on a t-bar. I have way too much stuff and not enough room so I need to come up with a space-saving solution to display my jewelry. The problem I found with a jewelry box was that all of those drawers, nooks and crannies made it hard to remember where some stuff was and I would totally forget about it.

Twenty.Something said...

What great gift ideas!!! Love them

Anonymous said...

Hey Tam! I love non-traditional ways to store things. I love the dish with the trees! Here are my jewelry storage picks:

Joi said...

My favs are 1 and 5! These little dishes are so pretty!

Jazzynickel said...

Hey Tam,

I have a gorgeous custom made Jewelry tree to hold my rotating pieces but I love #6 and since it reminds me of some fantastic slow motion photography I might just have to put it on my wish list... ;)


A La Mode et Plus! said...

What beautiful jewelry dishes!!

Hello My Pretties said...

I recently ordered the pink mini Ikat bowl from Anthropologie, I'm still waiting on it.

Love that last Etsy white bowl/plate, I'm going to check the link out now!