Thursday, December 16, 2010

L.A.M.B star skirt

Some of you inquired about the skirt that I was wearing at the Rue party. It is a skirt from the L.A.M.B. line by Gwen Stefani. I purchased it a few years back, and cant find it anywhere. You really cant go wrong with her skirts. There is usually some type of eye catcher in the line just waiting for you. The blue dress worn by Reese Witherspoon is L.A.M.B. also. I just think that dress is dreamy. So mix up the ruffles & stripes a little, and they are good friends.




**Excuse me all. Please bare with me. I am still getting things in order from being away**

High Fives & Hugs,



margaret said...

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court. said...

ever since you posted the new LAMB runway pics, I've downloaded them all and have been lustily gazing ever since!!!

I'm dying to get a new apt so I can have these inspire a room!

Kwana said...

I like the combo.

designerchik said...

I'm definitely a ruffles gurl, stripes kinda uhhh... well basically I like curves and stripes are lines, but to each his own.

legsnshoes said...

Yes. I have to agree. You were WEARING that skirt gwarl.

justme said...

no ruffles on my bed, i try and respect my man and he is very masculine and has to sleep there too. i do have a gray shift dress that looks like that gray pencil skirt on the top left. the dress is hot.

LiLY K. said...

im all for ruffles! I like them everywhere acutally...on my dresses, my bed, pillow, wallet, hairbow...everything xD