Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Q & A

Hey guys. Tam is not feeling so well. Please excuse my lack of posts. I shall be up soon and back to business, and hopefully coming with a new look this month. I cant wait for you guys to see it. So since I am down. I thought about doing another Q&A. I haven't done one in so long, and the last one was pretty fun. So if you have any questions for me. Go for it!

I look forward to posting my replies! Don’t be shy.

Please leave your questions in the comments. No more formspring for me.

Also this is the last week to vote once per day. The deadline is 5/5 (THURSDAY)

Please help me stay in the running. My kids thank you too. (HUGS)

High Fives & Hugs,



kay*(from india.with love) said...

oooh i love q&a's! okay here goes:

1. what's the longest your hair has ever been (you may have mentioned this in a previous post...not sure)? AND do you think you'll ever grow it long again or is short hair it for you?

2. what's your dream job/career?

3. if you could have any designer decorate your home (or a room in your home) who would it be? (or maybe it's a blogger with mad skills that you like)

4. what country/city tops your 'must-visit' list?

5. how did you and mr styles meet? (if this is too personal - my bad)

6. what's your favourite nail polish colour and who makes it?

7. all-time favourite movie?

8. three bloggers you've never met but would like to? *ahem* (i kid, i kid)

okay, that's it. i think.......

Kiianah said...

I would love to know the story behind how one of my favorite blog couples met as well!

How did you get into designing, is it something you always loved?

What are your favorite brand of jeans?

Chyanne M. said...

Get well soon!!!

My question: How do you find time to go out and shop for your fabulous finds?

Do you shop on particular days to get 1st dibs?

traci zeller designs said...

I'm not digging Formspring either! Voted again ... Feel better, Tam!

Joi said...


Feel better soon, chica!

One question: Are you making your career dreams come true right now?

J A C Q U E L I N E said...

I would like to know how you and hubs met?

What is your number one tip for mom blogger?

favorite movie?

Do your real life friends come to you for style advice?

What is your dream job?

Hope you are better really soon.

Shelly of the Daisy Diaries! said...

I voted!
Feel better sweetheart!
Take care of yourself.
Shelly xo

Fashion.MakeUp.LifeStyle said...

Hope you feel better lady..it's been a long time since you visit me!!


Inez of Style Chic....360 said...

I hope you feel better.

I don't have any questions, but I look forward to reading your responses!

Sing said...

Miss you and your posts. Get well soon!

Two said...

So... you totally got five td sister votes because we dig your blog. Congratulations on the top 25!!


Maria said...

hi, your blog is cool. im just new follower, do you want to follow my blog? - there are a give away and the deadline is tomorrow ;)


Denetra said...

Okay, not being shy :). How old are you? Second, did you grow up in the Oak Cliff area of Dallas? That was my 'hood :)!! My sister and I love your blog!!!!

TamStyles said...

Thanks so these questions. I will post responses on Monday. 5/16