Thursday, June 30, 2011

my design essentials

Often my mind changes on design. But there are certain rules that I have yet to let go of. These are rules that I try to follow for me, and to anyone that taps me on my shoulder and asks. Got a design question? Email me here.


I think without unusual pieces, a home can be boring. If you see an item that makes you stop, and think. Or even say..”OH NO”…it may just be what you need. Think conversation pieces.





From a lamp, to a desk, side table, or trinket…anything in mirror adds a hint of glam.




I am obsessed. But I think gray is the new beige only better.




I cant stress this enough. DON’T DO IT. Save yourself some money, and only buy the sofa. Add other seating that were not made for your sofa. SOFA SETS are like buying off the mannequin. You should be able to purchase a fabulous practical sofa for your space, and build from it.




Don’t these pillows look great together? I think so. No the colors are not the same. They don’t match, but they DO. Picture them on a sofa, or bed grouped together. This is style.





I think every home needs a vintage piece. Either in its current look, or redone. But vintage adds character.




Please. We should no longer be afraid of color these days. Its fixable if you don’t like. Without color…you have basic.




I love this piece. Its beautiful to me, and speaks volumes. But horses grab my attention.  Its an unexpected piece, but one that would add value to any room.




This is the bedroom of Jamie from I SUWANNEE. When I look at this room, I see a room that has been decorated from the heart. This is all about using what you love.




In the photo below. The plant is art itself. Back in the day IVY was the plant that every household had. Some homes even had IVY hanging from the ceiling, crawling across countertops…the list goes on. That look is OUT. If you pick the right greenery, simple can go along way.


I hope these help you when your thinking of design for your home.

High Fives & Hugs,

Tamara Styles


Hershley's Sweet Kiss said...

My room is so lame. I have a pink and gold theme. i feel like a little kid after reading this post. LOL Im def going to use some of these pointers.

Sing said...

Good post and tips.

Cassie Stocker said...

I have to agree with your advice.
Plus, gray is taking over the world.


gigiofca said...

I love a great, simple basket.

I'm not moderating comments. I would never lock you out! Something's still going on w/Blogger. I've noticed comments on other blogs about comments not appearing. Thanks for stopping by!

SeptemberSkies said...

Cool Tam, when you say use what you love you mean don't just buy something because it's the latest trend but it's because YOU love it or it sparks something in your eye?

7eventh Letter said...
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7eventh Letter said...

These are some great design pointers! I LOOOOOOVE mirrored furniture! I just found a fab mirrored side table!

Joi said...

I agree with all of these!

Jazz @ said...

Tam, I couldn't help but laugh when I read the 'No Sofa Sets' rule! My husband is stuck on Sofa sets. Lucky for me I'll be purchasing my next set of living room furniture solo... ;0)
I'm diggin' the 'Use what you love' rule -that's what makes your room YOU.

Great post!


P.S. I too am obsessed w/Grey it's just the best darn neutral isn't it?

Sugar+Spice(AzĂșcar+Especia) said...

I have seen plenty of matching sets that look just fab done by the giants of interior design and I think the key is dressing them with contrasting throws and colors to set them apart while allowing them to work with other accents in the room.

YOANNE B said...

i like like it

New York State of Mom said...

Great tips!! I agree about Grey being the new Beige but I'm re-doing my room right now and I'm loving the green in I Swuanee, that's the same amt of light I get in mine