Thursday, July 14, 2011



The above are all items I really must have before 2011 fades to black. A girl can dream.

1.) This clutch is BRAND NEW and is hot for $195. I want to wear it crossbody. They have them currently at Nordstrom to try on, and the size is perfect. There is a larger version for much much more, but it’s just to big. This size works great, and the chain adds the glam/WOW factor.

2.)  These aviators are currently on sale at Nordstrom's anniversary sale. I bought a pair the other day in gold for $68. I think the retail is $98. These glasses (aside from Ray Ban) were the only aviators that made my heart sing.

3.) I ordered these in the patent nude, and talk about running small. IF YOU EVER BUY THEIR SHOES order up.  I wear a 7 1/2 and had to return for an exchange of an 8. I will report how they feel once they arrive. I will say they looked great on, and were easy to walk in.

4.) Its know around these parts that I like things that are a little different. That’s what drew me to this necklace by fashion blogger Kelly Framel. Its different, and the color combo is right on point.

5.) I need a bag to hold my ipad, along with other items for business and I think the Virginia bag is fabulous. It has the look of a professional, but also without losing personal style in basic plain black.

6.) My husband treated my daughter and I to glittered Toms on our way out of the wall this weekend. We didn’t try them on because we were in a hurry to get back to basketball, so we grabbed..paid, and walked away. Once we got home we realized we wanted something different. Navy for her, and gray for me.

7.) Ok..I bought a leather RM case at the Nordstrom's sale. The case was nice, but BORING. It was brown, brown, brown. I need flair. This case offers everything I want plus a little extra.

What are your fashion must haves before 2011 fades to black?

High Fives & Hugs,

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Baby Shopaholic said...

I wanting some Nude pumps my self. I would like to try the Toms too but Baby will prob get some before me : )

fshnonmymind said...

I can't believe you think the MAC is too big!!! I'm always stuffing so much into mine. I have yet to see the mini MAC, but the MAC is one of my favorite styles. I have a bit of a RM addiction too!

I shouldn't be buying anything for the rest of this year, but know that won't happen. I think I want a pair of colorful pants for fall and I'm craving all things burgundy/wine for fall. Pants, heels, and and handbag please. Oh, there is one thing I'm waiting to come out and that's a leopard bag from R&EM that I saw in the latest Marie Claire magazine.

Karena said...

Great finds, I love the pumps and nude would be perfect I have soooo many shoes in black!

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Jazz @ said...

I do so much window shopping I should be a professional!

My #1 fashion must-have is a pair of nude heels (thanks for the tip on sizing up) My #2 fashion must-have before 2011 fades is a Rebecca Minkoff Nikki Hobo (I want one so bad!!)

Thanks for sharing. ;0)

Tia Brumbelow said...

I need my toms too!! I love the aviators; MK has really cute ones too :) said...

Dope stuff, per usual! I love that Minkoff cross body. She had tons of them at her sample sell here this past May. One will be coming up for fall, if you want I can snag it for you- it is of course at least 30% off of retail.