Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Big brother 13

Ok, I know I am late...sorry. So Kahlia, Jordan, Rachel, Porshcia, Shelly, and Adam are left. I literally was not going to post this update, but I was watching AFTER DARK on SHOWTIME, and Kahlia was talking and talking, and talking. Literally gave me a headache. I just cant stand people that talk so much without taking the time to listen.  Just saying…

I really don’t have a pick to win. I was screaming for Danielle to win, but when she left boring came upon the house. I don’t want to watch people cook, sleep, and just smoke. The fight between Shelly and Jordan after Shelly flipped was by far the best move in the house this season. I really think Shelly played a good game. The others are really questionable. But for some reason, I don’t think they would give Kahlia the money just because they really don’t seem to like her much. Porshcia may have a chance though. So that’s my take thus far.

Who are you going for?



lalaG said...

I was Team Danni too until she got the boot! im so glad that Jeff left, he was nothing but a big bully and i was so over it. Jordan gets some balls after Jeff leaves, but still doesnt realize that its all a GAME,

Sing said...

Hey another fan. I was rooting for Dani, always have from every season.
At this point as long as it's not Rachel, Jordan or Adam (he's done nothing) I don't care who wins.
Shelley did good making that bold flip, it needed to be done.

With Love said...

Great blog :)

Kimbunnii said...

I loved Dani but I think Shelley will end up winning.