Monday, August 15, 2011

birthday part deux

My Saturday started out like this. A bumpy ride with my hubby trying to get me mental GPS of course. He finally did. I am one that is HARD to SURPRISE because I find out everything. But he pulled it off. He was even able to keep the kids quiet, and they cant hold water. My husband is the sweetest, most loving man I know. I am a lucky woman.


Happy Birthday via Palomar Hotel. Beautiful  place. I have passed it many times, and have wanted to stay. Being a d├ęcor lover, this was a dream.






Leaving for a little shopping…and eating.



Enters the VELVET TACO. A new spot here in Dallas on Henderson & 75N. By far the best I have had in the city, or ever to be honest. I went with a breakfast taco, and a chicken..oh and corn, and red velvet cake topped with butterscotch. DON’T JUDGE ME.




This is where things get a little of course.


I missed MY KIDS, and wanted to enjoy my evening with them also. So we decided to go pick them up and bring them along. When it comes down to it, my family makes me happy. Although they got on my nerves a bit being “kids”… I will always remember this birthday, and so will they. We had a wonderful evening, just the way I wanted.

The smiles I see in this photo is what made me smile.


High Fives and Hugs,

Tamara Styles


Violeta said...

Great blog. Have i nice day !!

Imani said...

Looks like a great time! Happy belated :)

Dayka (Life +Style) said...

sweet! the most important thing is that you do what YOU want to do on your birthday, and it sounds like you did just that!

glad you enjoyed your weekend, tam. :)

Kate said...

Hi Tam, hope you had a great birthday - that red velvet cake looks amazing!

Ashlei M. said...

Looks like such a great birthday weekend! And those food pictures made my mouth water...I want tacos now, haha!

xx Ashlei

Baby Shopaholic said...

Great Birthday!!! That hotel looks amazing! Good job Mr.

Kiki Rocks Kinks said...

That is such a beautiful surprise! You definitely deserve it, I love how close knit you guys are. Glad you enjoyed your birthday and the food looks so so good!!!

JazzyO said...

That's truly beautiful what you said about your children!! Love the photo of everyone smiling and the food w/ the corn in it, looks heavenly!!! Happy Birthday!


Diamonds Pearls and Crazy in the world of Barbie Jones said...


SAT said...

That is a wonderful birthday; spent with family....PRICELESS!

Leigh Lane said...

I love you guys, such a beautiful family! I am glad you had such a wonderful time you certainly desire it! Happy belated :)

gigiofca said...

That's a great birthday! Love the hotel & the food. Add in family. It's all right :)

Jazz @ said...


Posts like this make my heart smile! You are truly blessed. My kids are 14 and 9 and I probably would have done the same thing. I love family time and it's weird how even going to dinner or a movie w/ the hubbs will make me miss them and wish they were there.
Kudos to your hubby for putting together such a fabulous birthday for you. The Palomar is gorgeous! And how about that cake?! YUM ;0)

Thanks for sharing!

bylinediva said...

And he's sexy...good Lord...hey, you know it, I'm sure that factored into why he became the hubby. And he's certainly're a LEO! LOL

YUMMommy said...

As a mom and very family oriented person, I totally understand why you went back and got the kids. I enjoy being surrounded by family. I told my husband that we'll have enough alone time once they hit 18. For now, we need to cherish these years to make great memories to keep us company when they fly the nest.

Brown Birdy said...

Seriously Tam-you guys are one of the sweetest couples ever. I love seeing how happy you 2 make eachother-heck all 4 of you! I love how much your fam means to you and that you wanted to go get them ;) I miss my kids on dates too!

Like Mousse Au Choco said...

Happy belated birthday girl,nice pictures !