Thursday, August 18, 2011

show me yours

While BAGGIN is on vacation. I wanted to swim into favorite spaces. We all have one in our home. Mine is my office & bed, my mother in laws (RIP) was reading her bible on the porch, my husbands is a small space of quiet for him to read and reflect. My daughter, anywhere her brother is not, and my sons…OUR ROOM.

So I would love to see yours, and share it on GIGS. It does not have to be anything fancy. Its about what you call your favorite “SPACE” and why. From a closet, to a kitchen, chair, outside lounge chair. You name it.





I would like to post these every week, maybe Friday again for regularity. If you would like to show us your favorite space, or room…and tell us why.


High Fives & Hugs,

Tamara Styles


Anonymous said...

I'll send it to you later today. But I have one question. Where can I find that armless sofa on wheels. I've searched high and low for a grey armless. Even something that I could modify and nothing. This would look great in a kitchen nook. ; )

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