Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Win BIG with 3m

I mentioned before I left of our new sponsor 3M. You guys know that I love DIY’s, and we should all do more. There is nothing like making it happen on you own, with your own hands. 3M is running a super cool promotion which applies to almost anyone that talks to someone about their DIY. Its called

You can Share on Facebook here, and enter. Also Share on Twitter. Up for grabs is $250 per week for the winner of the best couples speak. I would love for a GIGS reader to win.

So what is the purpose:

What makes a relationship work? Communication.  But what we hear sometimes, and what the other person really means may not be same. It is something that is almost guaranteed to happen when communicating over DIY projects. Everyone has an opinion, but they may not always communicate that thought.

I know COUPLE SPEAK happens all the time in my home. Mr. Styles is always asking me for my opinion on his projects, but as the LOVING WIFE (SMILE)…I COUPLE SPEAK. Is that wrong?

 Here is my example:

Mr. Styles: Hey Babe…do you plan on painting your office that pink color?

Me: Yeah, why?

Mr. Styles: Oh nothing just asked.


Here is another one.

Me: Are you going to help me paint the top of the walls?

Mr. Styles: I want to but my hands are so big, I think they hinder my straight line brushing ability.

Me: (silence, and a look)

BUT….What he really means is: I don’t want to paint straight lines, mess them up, and hear your mouth afterward.


Here is a video from 3M that shows just what I mean.

The Mission:  For you to create a video of your couple speak, and also participate on Facebook with your own COUPLE SPEAK. Be creative, funny, and WIN WIN WIN.

The rules are noted on the COUPLE SPEAK FB page. The rules are pretty easy to follow. I just want to see your guys participate and win. Remember this is meant to be fun, and even better when you can get someone else involved!

- Videos cannot be longer than 2 minutes

- No 3M products in the video
- Close your video with the appropriate animation from the materials files

See. Easy. You guys can do that, and win $250. Take it a step further, and send in a video. They are giving away TWO $5,000 prizes. Can you say decorate, decorate, and shoes?

I will see you on the 3M Facebook page!


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Beau lifestyle said...

looks you had a blast in las vegas, congrats of your feature on Adore magazine, was nice seeing you in there.
xoxo Chantal