Wednesday, September 7, 2011

fur vest

This piece has hung on the mannequin in my office for over a year now. I think this is the year to bring it on out. Come on fall. Honestly, this was all for my daughter. She dared me to go outside with it on because people would laugh. My point usually is to show her that I don’t care what other people think. I do me…and yes people were looking. I don’t know if they thought I was crazy, or if they thought my vest was cute.

Either way…my message was clear to her. Don’t think about what someone will think. Be respectful of yourself, and the rest falls into place. Fashion is meant to be fun, and individual. She is at the stage where everyone is doing the same thing (clothes wise), and I am trying to get her to go left while others are going right. So if it takes me going out in 100 degree weather with fur on to prove a point, so be it.

Personally, I love the look of these vests. Rachel Zoe, eat your heart out girl!





There is a vest for almost any budget!


Are you wearing one this fall?

High Fives & Hugs,



DazzledAndFabulous said...

Tam thats a fly look u got goin on there. And what an awesome message to send to your daughter while looking so fly!


Tiffany said...

Cute, I'll check out my thrift stores.

Peace, Love and Chocolate,

Tamara Styles said...

Thanks! I am trying... I drill in her to be different which can be hard at this age because you dont want people looking at you with a side eye...but at the end of the day being different is what sets us all apart. I cant wait for it to set in.

Karena said...

These fab fur vests are everywhere, there are so many different styles though that everyone can be unique!

I adore yours Tam!!

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Art by Karena

The Emerald Obsessive said...

I bought a fur vest on sale at Cato last year! Normally, I wouldn't have purchased anything like it, but $7.00 was just a price I couldn't pass up! I was surprised at how often I ended up wearing it.

Sing said...

That is a great lesson for her to learn and for anyone. Nobody should be a follower.
And you look so friggin fly Tam! I'll take the hat, the pin, and the vest, please and thanks.

Jane said...

You are a great parent. There is only one her, be that, it feels so right.

I can't wait to have kids, get ready for the parenting questions in a few years.

God's Favorite Shoes! said...

I love the message you were trying to teach your daughter!

I so would have done the same thing!

LA Lynn's said...

What a great message/lesson for your daughter & you look FLYY doing it!!!!

That FUR VEST is the bizness!!!!

7eventh Letter said...

That vest is so dope!!! Every last picture in this post is HOT! It works nicely with the green hat and the brooch is such a nice touch!

7eventh Letter

Cam said...

I WILL be ROCKIN a furry one this fall, definitely!!!!


PHILO said...

oh I love this jacket!

xoxo ♕♕♕

MELANIE said...

Girl you are looking good! I was at Forever 21 with my oldest who turns 17 in 2 wks. She has a hardtime listening to me when shopping. I was able to convince her to buy some pieces that were different and not what "everyone" else is wearing. She is bold with her hair, but we are working on the wardrobe style. lol

Im def picking up the fur vest from Forever 21 this month. It reminds me of my mother back in the 70's.

Lucky 7 Design

Sharon said...

Wow you look amazing in that vest

legsnshoes said...

you are Lola Falanaing it with the Hat/vest combo. So much attitude. Loves it.

lolita said...

Love your outfit here look so cool :)

Quiana aka Haute Chocolate aka Mrs. B said...

Wow - I just came across your blog today in a random search and wow you are rocking that fur vest - I love it! I'll be tuning in to check you out - I can be seen on my blog, hope to see you soon!