Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Missoni, the aftermath

Finally I am able to get this post up on Missoni for Target. I was there at 7:55 (opened at 8) and things were not stocked. I spoke with a manager on Sunday prior to the launch and was told they had to have everything up by 8am per corporate. I let the manager know that I had been to other launches, and wanted to know if things would be ready because I didn’t have time to watch them stock at 8am. Lucky for me, that same manager was there. She apologized of course and took ownership of what she could. I cant understand how Target missed the mark on this. Things were sold out online by the time we all arrived at Target that morning which was a total shock. Not to mention the site crashed. People love Missoni. Just think if this was Louis Vuitton for Target. People would be sleeping at the door like Black Friday.

In my opinion the things really were nice. After all this is Missoni for Target, not Missoni for Anthropologie. The price points were good for what they offered. The luggage was actually very nice, and I hate I didn’t pick up a piece. The throw is what I really wanted, and it never showed up. But it is on EBAY for $200.00, and was sold in stores for $39. NOT. I didn’t want to overdo it with picking items, because I think Missoni looks best in pieces because of the colors/patterns.  I also didn’t want to buy just to buy. Not everything was needed, and not everything goes with my home. I really am not sure if the pillow below will stay. We shall see. Other than that, I am happy with what I have. I would love a throw (IF ANYONE HAS ONE) to complete my wish list, pencils, and just one picture frame, and all would be good.
















These chevron tights are by far one of my favorite picks from the collection. My husband actually picked these over another blue pair. The blue in person is just eye catching. Think 80’s blue eyeliner, but “GOOD”. I bought these in black as well. They were $16, and wonderful quality. I hope your able to see the color in these photos.

This is what my local store looks like….






What are your thoughts on Missoni for Target, and the launch? I really, really want to know. Also did you buy anything? If so, what was your favorite item?

High Fives & Hugs,



donna dorrane said...

I honestly don't get the whole missoni 'craze'. I really don't. It just seems like the same zigzag pattern but in different colors. I did think about getting the bicycle, but then I thought about everyone riding around on the same bike, wearing the same missoni clothes *yuk*.

But then again...I'm a thrift, goodwill, and flea market chick anyway...which is probably why I don't get it.

But to those who do...SHOP ON!

LocalCeleb said...

For some reason the line reminds me of a Coogi dress I had- [ok..ok..] still have.. I am not impressed with the line, do love your tights, but all the zig-zagging just doesn't seem that creative to me..

Jessica Rowe {The Aestate} said...

Good finds! I went a little crazy, most of the stuff I bought will not be staying with me, but I did get the same tights, which I'll be keeping. I'll also definitely be keeping the martini glasses and cocktail shaker, as well as the towels and bath rug.

My Favorite Pieces said...

I've always loved Missoni...so excited to have it in Target.Great post love the pics.I can't wait to buy ASAP :)

Kwana said...

I went to 3 targets and was so disappointed with the few pcs I found. I did get a throw though so I'm thrilled with that. I could not find any pillows or housewares.
I got myself a scarf that I happened to find hidden behind others and I ordered a vase for myself and shoes online that I'm still waiting for. We shall see.
I love your mug and boxes!

Anonymous said...

I wanted to get the zigzag rain boots for my daughter, but decided they were more than I wanted to pay.

I wasn't interested in anything else.

Sing said...

I just wanted the ruffle pillow, those clothes are dizzying and already oversaturated. I saw two girls with the same cardigan on within two blocks, not.

JIN @ The BrownBerry said...

I wanted a couple pillows for my couch - it's yet to happen and I'm highly doubting that it ever will - everything is GONE :(

Evie said...

That's what my local store looks like too...I wish I could have gotten a pair of the ballet flats...and the famiglia bath mat...but that's it!

Dyanna Littke said...

The store I went to was also stocking that morning- they received NO bedding and when I asked if they were receiving it or putting it out later the worker said "new line"?...as in he had no idea what I was asking about. I purchased the espresso cup stacker set- which I adore, the b&w zig zag candle, and a glass votive holder which is very heavy and well made. I had no interest in the clothing and the towels were overpriced. I was very interested in the zig zag shower curtain but was disappointed in the quality so I passed on that. I also wanted a throw but they didn't receive any!!

Tamara Styles said...

Dyanna..yours sounds so similar to mine. Kwana...3 stores is aot lady. There were 250 people in line at one of our stores in Dallas.

Brown Birdy said...

Tam! Did you not see me post on your FB that I would have been willing to go grab one at my store? (It was prob still there-was for the entire hour I was in the store)...I'm not sure if it is still now or not. :( Which color tone did you want? They didn't have the most brown one-just the multi that I got and the purples. I didn't even think to check the tights! I'm jeal'! Those are SUPER cute!

Hazel Schreiner said...

I love Missoni products and devastated that here in New Zealand we don't have a Target, even further devastated by the audacity of people selling the goods on Ebay for excessive prices! But love your choices. I especially love the stockings! GORGEOUS!!

mrs-leigh said...

Tam, I had he best intentions, but didn't get into Target untill this week! I scored the tights (yay me) and the ceramic three pack of small platters/plates/trays in brown. I spoke to an associate who told me they get a good amount of returns DAILY!! There is hope ladies! Drop in often and keep your eyes peeled! They had your tray tam but not the brown which is the only one I like. The only thing I really wish was there and wasn't
was one of those blk and wht tins...aw well :0

My Crafty Home-Life said...

Hey Tam - I did two posts on Missoni. My throw is on back-order. Since you were so amazingly nice to me by being one of my 1st followers (not that I have many more now),If I don't like the throw (Courtney out loud hated it) I will contact you privately. If I do like it, no hard feelings, I'm keeping it ;-) Your blog is on my sidebar...love ya!



Miya @ Design Indulgences said...

Don't get me started on this. I am still slightly bitter. Target is my fav store and I knew there was anticipation but didn't realize the extent of it. Until that evening when I went straight home because I wasn't feeling well and seen twit pics of empty shelves. I probably wouldn't have came out with anything even if I HAD stopped right after work. But last week the only thing left of Missoni: rainboots, kids slippers, lingerie and comforters. None of what I wanted. I really wanted a pillow, plates, bowls & bath towels. And maybe the umbrella.